Mythic Tarot - Six Swords


Orestes stands with arms crossed in a boat that doesn’t seem to have a source of power as it heads towards Argos. Six swords stand straight up with their points embedded in the hull of the boat. Storm clouds and turbulent water accompany him while clear skies and calmer waters are around Argos.

  • moving away from turbulent, difficult feelings toward a calmer and more serene state
  • a calmer, if still sad, path is ahead of one
  • harmony from coming to terms with one’s limits and tasks
  • being at peace within oneself as one leaves behind the anxious, distressing and fraught state suggested by the choppy waters
  • serenity brought about by a tranquil mind and not a tranquil heart
  • insight and understanding allows one to see how one has created their own fate, which in turn releases anxiety and promotes a calm acceptance which then allows one to move into the future
  • knowledge of why one is on a particular path, how one got there, and what it all might mean can make a world of difference in accepting one’s lot in life
  • the easing of tension
  • a smooth passage, either externally moving away from unpleasant surroundings or internally moving away from anxiety towards peace
  • relief after having finally made a difficult decision
Random Thoughts
  • being resigned to one’s fate
  • doing what needs to be done, whether or not one likes the task or wants to do it
  • “I’ll do it, but you can’t make me like it!”
  • since it’s unclear how the boat is moving, being impelled towards an action or path

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "post-anxiety calmness".