Mythic Tarot - Ten Pentacles


An old man now, Daedelus is surrounded by his daughter and grandchildren. Ten pentacles are mounted on the two columns before him, five on each column. His grandchildren play with toys that he has made.

  • a situation of permanence that outlasts the life of a single individual
  • putting down roots and founding a dynasty
  • accrual of wealth and power
  • achievements that can be passed on in the form of works that will outlive their creator
  • one’s contribution to future generations
  • the satisfaction of knowing that one has built something enduring for the world that will come after one is gone
  • leaving one’s mark
  • a marker of one’s voyage through life
  • a life that has been fully lived
  • a time of comfort and material abundance
  • buying property
Random Thoughts
  • a second family
  • third time’s a charm (third time pentacles have been mounted on something and other two times calamity followed)
  • redemption
  • one’s past has been forgotten/forgiven

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my journal on 14Mar92 was "stability and foundation".