Mythic Tarot - Three Cups


Psyche and Eros get married. Standing on a rock in her wedding gown and with flowers in her hair, she holds a bunch of white lilies. Behind her is Eros, who she still hasn’t seen. Three ondines (water nymphs) rise from the water holding chalices in celebration of the marriage.

  • represents a stage of initial completion
  • the end of the first stage of falling in love and a suggestions that a commitment to a future has been made
  • celebration, an experience of emotional fulfillment, completion of the initial attraction
  • naiveté
  • the stage of enchantment where one has yet to see their real partner
  • an initiation into life, that’s full of promise
  • a card of transition (from maiden to bride) with more to come
  • marriage as the first step on a long road and not the end goal
White Lily
  • purity, virginity, innocence
  • peace
  • Aphrodite hated the flower for its chaste appearance and added the pistil, which resembles a donkey’s penis, to it
  • associated with that which is beautiful or humble
Random Thoughts
  • the beginning of mother-in-law drama
  • two people who really don’t know each other in a relationship with one another
  • the rock could indicate a strong foundation to the relationship
  • being in love with one’s savior or Prince Charming
  • representation of blind love

The keyword/phrase I came up with doing my workbook exercise on 26 Oct 91 was "early joy".



Ahh yes ... I just got this deck. The first thing that struck me with this card is the real feeling of a marriage (as opposed to other cards).

Nice to see the descriptions here and know I'm not going completely mad! :laugh: