naming a deck


I need advice on how to name a tarot deck....I don't know where to even begin coming up with a name, but I need one because i'mm making the box for my art class....
PLease help!

<3 kytti


This is for a deck you are making? If so only you can knbow what name capture the nature of the deck. Failing any inspiration there, name it after yourself ;)


Naming your baby

patter said:
This is for a deck you are making? If so only you can knbow what name capture the nature of the deck. Failing any inspiration there, name it after yourself ;)

I think you should come up with a few

I will be using my name because it had alot of meaning for me and I used to hate it and never used it until recently. To be honest I think it sounds a bit naff and tacky but I like it .


Don't these things name themselves?
Ask yourself about: the THEME, the STYLE, or WHO it's meant for.
Failing that, just call it Kytti's Tarot. I'm betting it's got cats in it somewhere... :)


As a comparison you could run down the tarot deck list on Aeclectic here & see about 300 different names, compare how many are named after their artist/authors & how many have other types of names given to them.

But naming it after you would be ok if you're ok with it.

Insomnia Turtle

Art Class...

I noticed that you mention the fact that it's for an art class. May I ask what the project is? That may help you in naming it. If it is just the box, I suggest naming it something obviously tarot, so to not confuse your teacher or class. You may even choose to call it what the project is. For instance, if it is an excersize making "enlarged" box art you might call it, "The Ridiculously Oversized Tarot" (Not the most original, but you get the idea. Plus it connects the art peice with the excersize). If you are making the entire deck, I would suggest not taking this advise though, as your deck's name would probably become a bit impersonal.



Thank you all for your advise. To clarify, I am making an entire deck, but since we had the project of creating a box in order to "sell" something in art class, i figured i'd use the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, as it were. I would call it Kytti's Tarot except that there really arent any cats involved just yet and i'm afraid that would be misleading. I may have to just go with my name, if no theme starts to jump out at me. Though I'm not really very fond of my name ;/


You could use the name you've always wanted to be called, the one you'd change your name to in an instant if given the opportunity.

I'm sure more than one of us on this forum has done that for our screen names... :)

-- Kyrielle

Insomnia Turtle

I know how you feel about disliking your name. I once felt that way too. The advice Kyrielle has given is pretty good. Especially given that all names are just labels put on us so that we can tell each other apart :) (In speech, that is). I couldn't help laughing a bit inside thinking that "Insomnia Turtle" could possibly be the name I secretly wished to go by... though so many people call me that now since my real name is a pain in the "butt" to pronounce for most people.

Another idea is you could always play with your own name. Change the letters around so it sounds the same, but looks more fun. Switch letters around. Maybe write your name backwards, or put peices of your name together. Here's an example:

John Smith (Very common name)
Johhn Smyth
Jaghn Sumythe
Nhoj Htims
Hojn Tihms
Jith Nohms

You could probably go on forever. It actually can be quite fun. This is something I used to do until I found a new love for my original name.


Good question. I must say, I am usually put off decks that are named after the person who made it... don't know why. Then again, I did name one of my decks 'Kayne's Celtic Tarot' so... umm... yeah. :p

Maybe you could think about what features the deck has that makes it different from other decks? What is it's main purpose? Is it particularly dark, esoteric, light and fluffy? The name should reflect this. IMO 'Kytti's Tarot' does sound kinda' light and fluffy which I don't know if that really suits your deck...

You will probably wake up at 3 a.m. and the name will strike you and you will know it is perfect! :D

Good luck. :)