Need a spread to assess someone's intentions


It's been a long time since i've been on this forum, and im sooo out of practice.
I am looking for a spread that will help me work out whether a particular person who has come into my life is interested in me (romantically) or interested in my business (trying to take financial advantage of me). Can anyone help please??



I found this spread in the Tarot Spread Forum Index. The author of it is mahimaisme. You may want to try it for your purpose.

first, you have to choose a significator...choose a card that describes the person as you view them/ respond to them (the purpose of thi will become clear later)

--------------------------7------------ lay out all the cards in the given order and card 8 goes next to the significator.
this card is the significator the tarot has chosen for this person. it serves as a useful comparison for compare how you view the person or respond to him/her and what kind of a person he/she really is.... i find this helped to make me understand where he was really coming from better and helped me realise what i should change in my perception of him/how i respond to him so he can be happier for it...
now for the rest of the cards:
1and 2: what he holds close to his heart, what he values most.
3 and 4: what he ignores/tries to escape/repress...sometimes it could be because these are things that are painful for him to deal with...which will tell you where he needs help.
5 and 6: his weaknesses
7: what he contributes to your life and well-being.

Hope it helps.


thanks for the suggestion.I just found a spread for New Acquaintances, so ive given that one a go first.

Glass Owl

Stregaverde's Pesky Problem Person Spread

Apollonia's What are their motives spread (2) - click here to read the whole thread

What They Are Trying To Tell You Spread by mysticmoon (3)

"A new acquaintanceship" spread

Golden Moon's Intentions Spread

Strong Negative Reaction Spread (12) - I put this Collaborative Spread Creation together with rwcarter (Rodney)'s assistance. You could even use an edited version of it (the first four card positions) to understand the other person's state of being and their intentions:


1. What motivates the other person in general?
2. What type of energy (chi/aura/mood) is the other person emitting?
3. What specific intentions does the other person have towards others?
4. What specific intentions does the other person have towards the Querent?

LadyBlackRose's What You Know Spread
1: What you know.
2: What you don’t know.
3: What you need to know.


Thanks Glass Owl!