Need help understanding desperately!


Hi! its still me!
I still cant figure out what my reading means even tho one person helped me. I am very interested in this, so PLEASE help! Im begging! what do they mean? I got the Two of cups- 33, the Knight of Wands-36, and The Queen of cups-28. Does it have something to do with a love situation? Anyway, thanks so much! Bethany


On another note, where can i find a deck of cards in the lincoln county area? Thanks!


Normally, I would say that even getting random cards in the mail would contain a message. However, the numbering on these cards is all wrong for a tarot deck, which makes me think that someone choose these particular three cards NOT at random, but to intrigue you into spending your money at one of the commercial services.

The 2 of Cups would talk about the coming together of 2 people into a relationships as equals and partners, with neither one needing more than the other and neither one bringing more into the relationship than the other.

However, the Queen of Cups and the Knight of Wands would definitely NOT be one of those kinds of relationships!

Yup, this time it looks like some marketing department has purposefully tried to draw you in by providing certain cards. However, they obviously are a bunch of fakes because they don't understand the cards enough to tempt you with a truly tempting combination and instead they offer you a recipe for disaster.

Throw the cards away and forget about them.

And since this forum is available to people worldwide, I think we need more of a hint than "Lincoln County" in order to help you.... I would imagine there are quite a few Lincoln Counties in the U.S.


Thanks so much for the information!
Sorry, it didnt even occure to me about the world wide thing! I meant Lincoln county oregon. Newport to be specific. Anyway... thanks again!



- Do you have a Barnes and Noble near you? They usually have the Rider Waite Deck in stock (among others).

- Look in your yellow pages under "New Age" or "Books" for a tore that may sell tarot cards and books.

- You should also checkout Click on "About Tarot" and then select "Browse Decks" from the pull down menu. There are scores of decks to view and you'll probably find a few that speak to you!

Regarding your mail-reading, I find it very odd that there weren't any explanations! Did you pay for that reading? Are you expected to pay to get an interpretation? Did you submit a question when you ordered? Anyway, I see the Queen as one who keeps giving and the King is demanding and keeps taking! The two of cups may mean there needs to be a balance between these two people or two aspects within yourself or a situation.

Good Luck!

~ january