Need peoples opinions on this before tomorrow....what shall i do about my ex horary ?


You can't convert a night chart into a day chart. You can use the five degree rule to move a planet into a house but this shouldn't cross from one sign into another. Using Whole Sign House, the Sun would be in the seventh but it will still be a night chart.
Right okay i wasn't sure about this, that's why i asked. So yes now he's not receiving me at all.
The five degree rule allows you to move a planet that is coming up to a house cusp forward so that it moves into the next house. You can't move it back the movement has to follow the normal direction of planets. Thus you could (in this chart, move the Sun forward into the Seventh but you can't move Saturn back into the fourth, it's actually in the early degrees of the fifth. So forward from end of a sign into the next sign is OK but backwards from the start of a sign into the end of the previous sign is not OK.
Another thing ive learnt today :) you cant move backwards ...i got this, thanks. So he's in 5th and im in 4th....BUT Minderwiz going on the question asked me being in the 4th and like i mentioned my antiscion is right on the 4th house is this not telling me to go ahead still ? suns faster than saturn so its me having to do the work here.
There is no prohibition from Uranus, to the Sun's applying sextile to Saturn. (Uranus should be ignored) but the Trine of the Sun to Jupiter will prohibit it.
Yes i know uranus should be ignored but in a few charts now uranus has been ive included. Yes i noticed this too that sun trines jupiter first BUT whats jupiter representing being in 3rd house and ruling 5th and 8th. Sun sextiles uranus 1st, which i seen as me taking the chance again, but then sun trines jupiter rx.....and jupiter being in 3rd probably means i do whatever i can again to get hold of him (uranus) but nothing comes of it (jupiter rx) in 3rd house.
Just because the Sun is in the Seventh doesn't promise or offer the chance of a reunion. It shows, as you recognised, that you have strong feelings for him and that you are vulnerable.
Im not trying to get him back, im just trying to get a hold of him to speak....i need this chapter closed now.
But just because you want a reunion doesn't mean that he does. He's more interested in . But as you realise, Saturn is not in any dignity of the Sun.
He's more interested in what ?...jupiter ? And jupiter is infact the 3rd from 7th which can be a visit im expecting from him.
I don't think that trying any extreme action is likely to reverse the situation. As I said above you are in a vulnerable situation. Extreme action might simply result in harm to you.
So because all the angles are fixed are you saying this alone means nothing will become of my efforts and to give up trying ?.....and obviously everything else you've said that's negative.