Need to identify a deck - any help?


A woman in a Tarot seminar I'm doing, has a Tarot of Marseille that I cannot identify. She has had it for so many years and doesn't have a clue which one it is.

It looks like a normal Marseille deck. But the colours are odd.

For instance, l'Etoile has a black background. It looks like it's night - which is most unusual for a Marseille Etoile.

And the background for le Diable is purple. Almost an Aeclectic purple.

Any ideas what it could be? I'd like to find out before the next seminar which is Sunday next.


Seems to me like some description I have read - I do not recall where - of an Eastern European (Polish or Russian ?) modified Marseille.

As a matter of interest, does it also have small Hebrew letters included thereon?


jmd said:
As a matter of interest, does it also have small Hebrew letters included thereon?

I do not think so. But I cannot be sure. If we don't identify it this week, I will look at the cards much longer next Sunday and note more details.


Yup! That's it. It's the Fournier. Funny, I checked on the web when I came home but the web-site that I looked at that said they were Fournier cards were not those. :confused:

Anyway, I am very pleased, because I had already pronounced loud and with great assurance during the seminar that they were Fournier cards, but then I started doubting my own knowledge.

Thanks everyone!

(The woman didn't have the minors with her, so I couldn't check on the 2 of Coins.)

Not a nice Marseille deck at all. Quite ugly, in fact.


Hmm, you could bring a print of the scanned cards with you as proof I suppose.


Hudson Gray, that's a good idea. The 2 of Coins says it all.


Ugly? Poor tarot! It's the only Marseilles I like so far, better, I find it beautiful. I'll go hug mine and comfort him. ;)


Amazing how one's mind turns to the rare, rather than what is probably more likely... I feel a little embarrassed :TKNW

But glad you've resolved the problem :)