New and need a quick help


Really a light question.

I just bought the Faerie Oracle on the weekend. Obviously wasn't expecting such interaction with them til I bought the deck. I haven't even truly sat down and done the exercise but I feel like they don't want me to until I get them a pouch (note that I've contemplated briefly on getting a something to store my tarot but that deck is apparently much more laid back and practical and he likes to just lounge around freely, so the urge has never been great). But the Faerie Oracle, oh no. I need to get a pouch.

Thursday is the only day I have without my kid for a while so I planned on going to a store or 2 for a pouch. But I'm in super dire need of a massage. My muscles are all contracted. I wanted to make an appointment but they kinda keep saying no way. I tried to dial and just before dialing I thought, ok, I'll see what they say. "Should I get a massage tomorrow?"

So I pick the card. Gloominous Doom. It looks like he's like "whyyyyyy? We need a home!" and I heard in my head "just do some yoga at night, you'll be fine". I thought, "damn. maybe they didn't expect me to pick the top card because I never do that". So I shuffled and picked another card that was kinda falling out. Gloominous Doom again.

Then my muscles said, "maybe look at the book to see if I'm misinterpreting." And it's about taking care of ourselves. Which would obviously mean get a massage, unless it's really saying "take care of US!"

What do you think? I have a really hard time trusting my intuition and I really really need this massage soon.

A funny side story before doing this "read". I took the cards out of the box and noticed one still hanging on to it. It took a few more seconds to pluck it out, but once I turned it over, I found A Collection of Pixies. Which is hilarious thanks to the position of the main pixie in the picture.

This deck is so charming!


I think you'll get along just fine...and get them a home. Outside the box. Prepare for anything...


I would suggest getting the massage, then going to the shops afterwards and seeing if anything speaks to you. I have chronic muscle and joint type issues, and can imagine that getting a regular massage is very high on your list, and the Fae wouldn't want to begrudge you that.

If you are unable to go to these shops without your kids, are you able to sew at all? You could have them come with you to a craft store or fabric section and help you pick out some fabric. My daughter is very in tune with the Fae, and would love to go shopping for fabric or trinkets for them, maybe your little ones would enjoy it as well.

Even if you feel nervous about sewing them a bag, the Faeries won't judge you based on skill, they will love the effort you put into making them something special. Just listen to their guidance and they will tell you what they like and want. I am in the process of making my Faeries a new bag, I had crocheted them a sage green pouch when I first got them, but i have been getting the nudges that they want something new. There are also patterns online to use if you feel stuck on ideas.

Hope this helps, welcome to the group!


Thanks for your help! The faeries actually made it quite clear after that post that they think I should go for the pouch first and if there's still time to get the massage, or book the massage for next Thursday. I guess they already know me well enough to know if I get the massage planned, there's no way I'd get to the store (which is downtown and will take more time to get to).

I thought about asking for a confirmation by rephrasing and asked if I should go to the store to get the pouch, and what card did I get? The Master Maker. It's okay. I really want them to be happy, they seem like a good bunch.

I'm glad they haven't asked me to make them a pouch. I cannot sew for the life of me. They're considering asking me to decorate it though. They want something dangly and shiny. What?! lol.

Looking forward to joining this group. I think I'm way too beginner to do the reading circles (heck, I don't even really know what reading circles are), but I hope to join in discussions as I get to know each faerie better.


Welcome to group maddog. :D Oohh beware, these faeries are really mischievous and make sure they get what they want. :D Once you get them 'their' choice of bag, be prepared for lots of chattering, laughing and naughty tricks. They love to talk. Start by reading the companion book and do the exercises mentioned in the book which are really helpful and help you understand the cards better. Looking forward to seeing more often in this part of the forum. :)


Thanks for the welcome!

I think the faeries were actually trying to help me by pushing me to go to the store. I ended up getting a couple flower essences that could help me with some problems and some incense that I've been meaning to get.

The light in my bathroom has been going on and off nonstop tonight though, so I'm not particularly thrilled with that. It might not be due to them, I think there's a problem with the electrical in the house, but that light has never gone on and off like that before.

ETA: Oh and they have a beautiful soft suede bag. I felt like that was the one, but as always doubted myself and thought maybe they'd want one of the fabric bag with prints, so I asked the cards, and with the fabric bag, I got the Gloominous Doom (same card as when I wanted to get a massage instead). He certainly has a way of saying "whyyyyyyy?!" I started laughing in the middle of the store. Anyway, they wanted the suede bag and made me buy a little metal conch to put inside and they want something "dangly and shiny" for the drawstring. I don't have the dangly shiny thing yet but they're fairly happy for now.