New Deck Started - New Member!

Kollar Anderson

Round One Complete!

I am meeting with my friend (the printer) this week to discuss the status of the deck to date. I have finished the tentative words and images for the complete deck. We will discuss any major changes and start work on one card to completion, so we can hopefully work out any bugs early on in the creation process. Please feel free to take a look and tell me if you see any major conflicts or questionable words/images. We are also in search of a good name for the deck. Any ideas?


Lisa Tenzin

The images are beautiful - very fluid, and rather fey. I'll look forward to seeing the completed deck!


Kollar Anderson said:
It doesn't solve the problem, but rather helped me in my perception of it. That is what I would like our cards to do. It is like going to a therapist and they just ask you a bunch of questions. They don't tell you what exactly you should do, they help you figure it out on your own. I believe this is also what the Faery Oracle cards do. I am going to pick those up one of these days.

On a basic level, the deck will be a work of art and some will appreciate it on that level alone. The images will all be original designs and each card must be hand-run through the press. They will not only be lovely to look at, but also very tactile and wonderful to touch.

How about: Inspiration cards/deck? I like them very much BTW.


Kollar Anderson

Deck Update!

I just wanted to let everyone know that our deck is still progressing. It is a slow progress, but progress none-the-less. The official name is Spectacle (with a little 'o' over the a), pronounced like the HBO show, Carnivale. The deck will be letterpress printed with the back of the card in silver ink on black cardstock and each card face printed in a different color on white cardstock. The two pieces will be attached for the final card. I have the final designs done for several of the cards:






Please feel free to post any comments, feeback or advice. Thanks!


Oh I am so happy to see the updates!
I adore this deck...and the inked images are really great!

(I especially like Independant! Communication made me giggle...and I see all these faces in Perseverance!)

And I love the name of the deck too! :D

And I am really glad that you have kept the quotes, to go along with the cards.

This is going to be a very unique and exciting Oracle when you are finished! I can't wait to own a copy!


I'm so enjoying seeing your deck develop! I have a feeling they're going to be a wonderful item when all's said and done.

And, I love the romance of letterpress printing: the ink, the oil, the gears... even the pinched fingers.

One little thing is bothering me in the list of names for your cards. All of the names in the list are nouns, except for one. That bothers me. Maybe that's what you're going for...? :)

Kollar Anderson

Which one stands out to you? To me, many of them are verbs. There are a few words that we are still debating on. I would love to hear your thoughts. None have been printed for the deck yet, so changes are still very possible. I would rather hear comments about changes at this stage, rather than when the deck is finished. Heehee Thanks!


Quite nice. I got distracted on Dream, though - how does the dress get onto an arm that isn't separate from the webbed wing? As a sometime medieval costumer, I would really like to know.

Kollar Anderson

I went back and forth on the costume in the dream card also, for the same reasons. I finally decided on the belief that sometimes dreams don't make sense, or rather, they fool with your perception of reality. I feel that is captured in the garment. Great question, thanks!

I love that the people on this forum give such wonderful critiques. Thank you!