New Feng Shui Tarot


Thanks to an interesting new spread and just as interesting a reading, I've decided to create a deck based on the guidelines of Feng Shui. But I'm not so sure of what part of the tarot I'll be using. I'm going to be using 5 elements rather than 4 and I've thought about throwing out the numbers completely, then there's the objects: pentacles, cups, swords and wands (respectively) I guess the field is open. Any idea is a good one so let me have it!! And thanks in advance.


Oh! You've got your thread up already too!

You know Celtic Dragon, there is a 'Feng Shui' deck already in existence . . . I don't own it because it doesn't really look at all usable (it has some major problems . . . for one thing, it's only got the four suits, & the elements in those seem completely tweaked--see tarotpassages review--) Just thought I'd mention it though as something you might want to look at.

A REAL Feng Shui deck, on the other hand, could be a great thing indeed.

I like your idea of using only the #s 1-9 . . . the way these would interact with the elements could be very interesting . . . you know, this could become a very complicated project . . . !!
You're brave to plunge in.

--In terms of the elements, well, water fire & earth correspond with tarot as it stands now, but in Feng Shui there's no air . . . instead, you've got wood & metal . . . in my readings (I have actually done more than one of these) I've been tending to look at swords as metal (&/ air) & wands as wood (&/ fire) . . .

The more I contemplate your new deck, the more aware I become of the vast amount of thought you'll have to put into making it work . . .

Keep us updated, right?

& good luck!



Oh I'll definately keep you posted Punchinella. ;)

And I was thinking last night about how much the court cards (kings, queens, knights.....) are extreemly helpful in depicting people's personalities and it's great to know if some actual person is affecting the quarent's life. And I also like the air element...I noticed that too last night; as I was sitting on my bed. I was like....oh wait!! there's no air element!! But no biggie. Since I'm not going with the tradigional deck of 1-10 or the 22 majors I decided that I'd use the air element as kind of a special sort like the courts. (there's only what like 16 Vs. 22 & 40?) And in that sence it'll be used to describe either the people or even the chi...since Feng Shui is translated as water/wind.

Any who this is what I came up with last night, keep in mind it's the first draft. The final deck may not look anything like this...

In Tarot I wrote down some of the different parts to kinda get me started.
  • There are 4 elements as well as 4 symbols representing those elements.
  • There are 4 court cards for each element and 10 number or minor cards.
  • Then there's the 22 majors.
    (And since Feng shui is constantly working with your everyday life and there are really no big "life lessons" with Feng shui I decided to start with the minors and maybe forget about putting any majors. )
  • Then I wrote out the Feng Shui parts with 5 elements and symbols, 9 sections of the Bagua map and the 3 types of luck.
And if I went with a traditional deck that has 78 cards I was left 18 short so I thought about it and decided that those would be my court cards. Except it would be 6 sets of 3...A male, female and the child. And I'm talking child child not up to 29, but up to 12 maybe. Basicly if you hit puberty you're in the adult catagory in this deck.

So a bit about Feng Shui: with Feng Shui you use what's called a Bagua map. It's a grid of 9 squares and each square represents a section of your life. If positive chi (or life energy) flows through each section you'll gain the key aspect of that room in your life. They are:
  • Health & Family : Strength
  • Wealth & Prosperity : Gratitude
  • Fame & Reputation : Integrity
  • Love & Marriage : Recepitivity
  • Children & Creativity : Joy
  • Helpful People & Travel : Synchronicity
  • Knowledge & Self Cultivation : Stillness
  • Center : Grounded
So I'm going to take the nine personas and make one for each element. As for the 3 types of luck goes I'm not sure how I'd like to use those. B/c the way I was described how Feng Shui functions is that there are 3 types of luck. Heaven luck, Earth luck and Human luck or Man luck. Heaven I understood as a type of destiny, you can't change it or if you can not directly. Human luck is the kind of oppertunities you present for yourself by going to college, getting a job or whatever. And Earth luck as we westerners would say is "lady luck" the kind we "think" comes and goes at it's own whim. The kind we'd pack in our suit cases, headed to Las Vegas if we could. But according to the chinese this kind of luck is easier to get ahold of if our surroundings are prosperous. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that.

And then there's the man, woman and child I think I will use the traditional tarot for this section in having the different elements describe the different types of people. And as far as chi goes the man is fast moving, aggressive chi, the woman is slow, sentuious chi and the child is playful, curious chi. And in this deck the child chi is the type you really want. ;) With me still?

I know that's a lot but I'm really excited about this!! I'm no expert on Feng Shui but this will help me in learning more and hopefully I'll have a deck that I can finally understand. As far as the tarot goes I've pretty much gotten rid of the major cards and have taken the air cards and divided them into two. (sword/feather ; metal/air) There is however a lot of water in this deck since not only will I be using the element water but there'll be some water in the chi cards but I figured that since most if not all of tarot and feng shui involve intuition that by combining the two I'll have just a little bit of excessive water. But it's like the star card, a little water for the pond and a little water for the earth.

Criticizm please!!!


OH yea Punchinella, I took a look at the Feng Shui Tarot and two things... first I had read in another thread that it was well, poorly done. One thing that was mentioned was that while there were chinese people in the cards the actual art was far from their culture's standards or something like that... and two, I can't believe I forgot the pheonix, the tiger, the dragon and the turtoise!! I'll have to figure them into the equation somehow. I'll have to think about that some more.


Well I just had another thought as I read through the above--in regards to the air problem. I've done a lot with I Ching over the years, & I notice that in it the element wood is not just wood, but wood/wind ('the gentle') . . . so it might be that air would fit in naturally here, with wood. The thing is . . . it's not the fractious, difficult air of traditional tarot but a gentle breeze only. Hmmmn.

Have you looked closely at I Ching? It's an interesting overlay w/ Feng Shui, because the eight basic trigrams correspond (sometimes) with sections of the bagua . . . they are (as I recall, without running downstairs to get the book--well, okay, I got the book so this is definitely correct):

Ch'ien/the Creative/Heaven/Father (strength)
K'un/the Receptive/Earth/Mother (devotion, yieldingness)
Chen/the Arousing/Thunder/First Son (incites movement)
K'an/the Abysmal/Water/Second Son (danger)
Ken/Keeping Still/Mountain/Third Son (rest)
Sun/the Gentle/Wind, Wood/First Daughter (penetration)
Li/the Clinging/Fire/Second Daughter (light)
Tui/the Joyous/Lake/Third Daughter (joy)

Actually, I suppose Ch'ien/Heaven & Chen/Thunder would partake of air too, wouldn't they. --Anyway, it's food for thought (you could maybe make use of this somehow in your courts/'majors', if nowhere else . . . ?)

I guess it's Ken, Keeping Still/Mountain that corresponds with the Knowledge (Wisdom) gua in Feng Shui . . . this to my mind is the most obvious correspondence.

The more I think about it, the more interesting this overlay becomes, because the trigrams function as distinct personalities as well as energies/principles/attributes/elements . . . It does seem like a natural for courts, although you haven't got nearly enough people there have you . . .



I haven't looked closely at I ching but the thought has crossed my mind since it's a great way to include life lessons and bits of ancient knowledge into the deck without making special cards for them...but like I said this is going to be completely new so anything goes!

I'm still not sure how big or small I'm going to make this deck, but I do know that (at the right size) 78 cards are easy to hold and shuffle.

Let's see....9 sections, 5 elements (with the possibility of a 6th), 4 animals, 3 lucks, 2 genders....and a partridge in a pear tree!!! LOL
Sorry, couldn't help myself. :D guess it's more research for me....that's all for now but I'm still open to more suggestions!!


Oh C.D., I only brought up I Ching because it's so closely related to Feng Shui--I mean, they're both from China & seem to go together . . . I couldn't see direct I Ching consultations working for the bagua spread, though, for that you definitely need cards . . . tarot/'other', that is, not 'I Ching cards' (I don't trust these at all.)

Anyway, that's the only reason I brought up I Ching.