New friend of the faeries....


Hi all! I've been studying and watching and reviewing your threads off and on for many months now.

Today....TG has delivered my very own, much anticipated Faeries Oracle. Need I say, I was quite surprised at their nudity! :eek: Although, I think I can see past that and realize their sense of innocence.

It's funny - I am so fascinated by so many of the images. Right now it would be very hard for me to choose a favorite. I have not had the opportunity to read the book yet, but it is first on my list of things to do.

I wanted so badly to welcome my new Faerie deck into a calm and peaceful environment, but unfortunately, the moment they arrived (5 hours later than the norm) it was a "Calgon, take me away moment." The postman was a substitute; he arrived 5 hours later than the normal time; my husband walked in the door 20 minutes early; my dog had no clue what the disruption of the day was about; my daughter missed her nap because we didn't know dad was coming home early; my two youngest saw the TG package and wanted desperately to play with the bubble wrapping!; I tore the bubble wrap where the packing tape was and therefore, neither child was satisfied with their portion of bubbles! Need I go on???

Needless to say, my first experience with the Fae was not what I had hoped. I've heard they don't like mess, and I've heard they don't like crying, and I've heard they don't like ..... well, lots of things that my house seems to be consumed with. Will the Fae forgive and adapt? Or am I hoping for a relationship that seems out of the question from their perspective?

I do have to say, I was completely engulfed by so many of the cards that I thought would be my least favorite. How does one go about building their relationship with the Fae? I certainly don't want to disrespect them with my nievety, and yet, I can't wait to jump in and get to know them all!




I, too, just recently purchased the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica Macbeth. Yes, a little nudity, but I did not think it was badly done. I love my new deck and did my first reading with it today actually!

While, I don't have a full house, such as yours, (kids and animals), though I do have a husband, and sometimes I think that is like having a kid around again, :D, I must say that I would think the faeries would love all the commotion, and as long as it was all in fun and not anger or terrible upset, & they would fit right in with it! I do imagine that prolonged crying would probably be a bother, but in a case like this, everyone was excitable, and that is right up their alley, I think!

So, when the kids are in bed, and the dishes are done, the dog walked & fed, and husband is relaxing, steal away into a quiet place, (is this possible with kids?), and take a good long look at your faery cards. Get to know them and try out a reading---they will connect with you and you with them! I love mine! I was a bit nervous with them at first, because they are not like the standard 78 Tarot deck, these are oracles and have only 66 cards. Much different from what I'm used to! But I found that I actually connected to them immediately! My first reading, (I think, but have yet to get any feedback on), went so easily---it just flowed from me like magic---faery magic???

My deck book suggested picking out a favorite card, and I've gone through my deck a few times before trying a reading, to find a favorite. However, the truth be told, I LOVED each of them. There was something in each card that I found appealing, so I am unable to find a favorite. I love them all---all 66!


My fae love confusion... of course I think each set of faeries adapt to their surroundings. When I first got mine... ages ago, I just sat down one Saturday afternoon and went through the book and the deck together. More the deck then the book... and then I just went through and felt for the ones that wanted to come out and play the most. I did my first reading with them. The reading itself centered on how better to get to know my fae. Now they are a part of my daily life. They fly off the shelf at me, my kids read with them and love the way that they play back. I don't see that there is going to be a problem with all of the confusion and noise.



I'm guessing they decided to arrive when they did. This way, they got to meet the whole family =) And although the kids couldn't play with the Fae, they could play with the bubble wrap... and although the husband probably isn't interested, he got to get home earlier ;)

I would suspect that this is what they planned. Lovely mayhem with lovely people.

I'm sure you can connect to them just fine! Just play around, and try not to be too anxious when the Fae are near your precious bone china!



aw yes! good point kahlie!!!

Kahlie said:

I'm guessing they decided to arrive when they did. This way, they got to meet the whole family =) And although the kids couldn't play with the Fae, they could play with the bubble wrap... and although the husband probably isn't interested, he got to get home earlier ;)
bless their little faery hearts! they probably DID plan this whole scene!!! :laugh:


It's so fun to think of them as (a-hem) being real. They don't like this and they don't like that. It's really us, you know. We project onto them. Then again ... "they" really do have a way of getting into our psyche. ... and messing around! :)

I'm not a fatalist. I'm not sure the arrival was meant to be. But the point is, it was the way it all went down. And now it's up to you to have the fun, ahh experience, of sorting it all out!


(from a fellow scryer who has seen these little creatures/cards for several years but only last month figured out how to "hear" them)


celticnoodle said:
bless their little faery hearts! they probably DID plan this whole scene!!! :laugh:
I will guarantee they planned it, you just had your first faerie experience *LOL*. I personally do now believe in faeries, thanks to this deck and the experiences I have had. I have stripped the social norms of "faeries are not real" and all the psychology and just accepted that I believe in them. Sounds like a prank G. Hobayah would set up *LOL*.

Keep an open mind working with them, they are not human and do not hold to human standards of dress or conduct. They are what they are. Not good, not bad, they just simply are. Don't tip toe around them, or worry about things. If they do not like something they will let you know in their own way or make something you are looking for disappear.

In my experience they like activity around them and being part of it. And with children in the house they are probably real excited, because the children have probably not been totally condiotioned to not believe in faeries yet. So they will probably have some fun with the kids. They love to mess with my cats. How do I know it is them? well lets see, the cats start seeing things or staring at the same spot at the same time when I pull out the deck. Both cats also love to be in the room when I am messing with the faeries.

When I started working with this deck about 5 years ago, it was my first oracle. I did the exercises in the book without reading the descriptions of the faeries and built my own relationship with them through this. Even though I felt really silly I even sang and danced with them like the book said to do. I did not start out doing readings, but did (and still do every day) do daily drawings and connecting with the energy of the faeries I draw. When I was new to the deck I did the favorite/least favorite exercise with each one as I drew it.

And now, I never leave home without them. They reside in my purse during the day with my faerie of the day in a frame by my work computer, and at night the sit on my nightstand. My husband has become so used to them being around that if he does not see them on the nightstand he asks "where are your faeries" *LOL*. And when we let the dog back in from being outside, whoever lets her in says "Polly go see what the faeries left you" (we leave her treats on the kitchen floor). Ocassionally he even asks to pull a faerie, and no he is not into tarot, oracles or anything else.

The other day he and I were working outside and I came to tell him that we needed to get some stuff to eliminate snails from the front flower bed, and needed to add some rich soil to them. He looked at me really wierd, because I know nothing of gardnening - that is his department, and he asked me "how do you know we need that?" I told him the truth, the faeries told me. He went to look around the area I had been working, dug a little, and said "they are right, we'll go tomorrow." And so we did. So don't give up on the hubby :D

Anyway, I have rambled long enough. Just enjoy the deck, don't be nervous around it. Get to know them one on one, and DON'T LOOK UP THE MEANINGS - get to know them first, then you can see if your experiences with them are similar to those Jessica describes in the book. You will be surprised how much you pick up all on your own.

More than anything HAVE FUN! that is what the faeries love most.


Thank you all so much for the wonderful replies! It's just amazing to me how these faeries can actually become a part of our lives.

I'm thrilled to report that my Faeries have already started interacting with me. It all started when they were screaming at me from my desk to come play with them. I had to explain to them how badly I wanted to play too, but just couldn't until after I got my older son from school. They agreed to be patient, but I could hear them over there grumbling about the wait.

The book is amazing! It really helps you come to grips with how the fae work. My first thought was - wow, I have a hair faery and didn't even realize that's what it was! The little bugger likes pulling my hairs out and leaving them to tickle the back of my arm. It's been driving me nuts for years!

After returning home from school, I had another Calgon moment (well, couple of hours worth) and just couldn't get the peace and quite I needed to sit down with them. Grrr.....every time I opened the book to start reading, something would interrupt us. But as the night went on, I was finally able to complete the Most favorite/Least favorite/Universe exercises.

Arval Parrot (after much deliberation between 3 others) finally decided to step forward as my favorite - and without much argument from the others, The Soul Shrinker and I just knew he was my least favorite. Finally, for the last pulled card, out comes Ilbe the Retriever, one of the initial others that vied for my most appealing. I was thrilled to see him there!

So the evening went on, the kids were in bed and I was getting tired. I decided it was time to get ready for bed, get my jammies on and what do I notice, but a faery playing tricks on me! Just as I pulled my pants out of the drawer, put one foot in, stepped up to put my other foot in, this faery decides to tangle up my pant let and I nearly fall to the floor. I had to laugh and I just know the faery was laughing at me too. Then, I laid down to sleep and tried practicing my singing - it didn't go so bad! :)

I got up this morning to notice my 2-yr-old playing with a tree faery, laughing and giggling. She's "thwacking" a branch and just laughing up a storm. Without question, she and the tree faery were having a little morning fun....hehehe

Anyway, I'm loving my new found friends! I've looked around, but wonder - is there a study group going that discusses the individual cards and our impressions of them? I have a feeling I may be missing it somewhere.

I'll be working on the "Reading the Cards" chapter today. Yay!



LixiPixi said:
My first thought was - wow, I have a hair faery and didn't even realize that's what it was! The little bugger likes pulling my hairs out and leaving them to tickle the back of my arm. It's been driving me nuts for years!~
Glad you're having such fun discovering who's been up to the mischeif in your world for so long! I felt this exact same way, btw, when I read Good Faeries/Bad Faeries, and started the thread... What Faeries live in your home?

Enjoy their inspiration, and their way of turning a situation upside down to teach you something you would have never seen otherwise. :D


OHHHHHH yes we have threads here on various cards, and you are welcome to start threads on cards we might not have discussed. Just do a word search your faerie of choice. There is a table of contents somewhere in this study group, I know because I have accessed some individual card threads through it. I love it when we resurrect an old thread. You will find that many of them go back to around 2001 or 2002.

Glad to hear you are enjoying them!!!