New-I need advice!


Hiii Everyone!

I'm Kytti. I just registered for this because Kayne said you'd all be helpful to me. I'm starting the huge project of creating a deck for a class I'm taking in school. So far, I've got four done, which you can see in my gallery at
I know very little about this stuff, so I could really use any input anyone had to offer! Thanks so much...



Hiya Kytti and welcome,

I had a look at your work and think its really strong, look forward to seeing more :D

You'll find the site an absolute mine of information, and as I'm sure everyone else here will tell you, this site is so addictive, because you never stop finding out new stuff, or a new perspective on things. But I expect Kayne probably told you that anyway.
You can either post a Q in the particular forum that covers it, or, like I do, just keep ploughing through the posts. If you're looking for traditional meanings, you might want to take a look at posts about the Rider Waite deck. If you're interested in the actual production of your deck, there is a forum on creating your own deck too.
So, happy hunting!
By the way, are you going for the whole 78 cards, or just the 22 majors for you class?




Hey kytti! Glad you made it! :D

I think the main thing for you to do to start with is work out what symbol/s you are going to photography to represent the meanings of each of the cards.

You might also ask specific questions in other forums about particular cards...

This is no easy task - good luck!!! :D (That is not to put you off - it will be great too!)


I would suggest once you have an overview of where your going with the deck, to split it into smaller projects.

Basically , see the trumps as stage one, then the other four suits as seperate stages. Try not to start 'new' stage until the 'last' one is fully completed. The advantage of this is that the mind is not split all over the place, so when doing the cups.your living the cups [so to speak]. The court cards can be taken as a stage in themselves.

This would mean the deck had 6 clear stages.
2]court cards
3]cups ace to ten
4]swords ace to ten
5]wands ace to ten
6]disks ace to ten.

The order of the stages is not important, but I find on big projects it is best to get the hard stuff out of the way first. The biggest single stage is the trumps , at 22 pieces of work.



Let me just second what AmounrA said: Finish the Majors before you move on. You made it clear in your first post that you were new to this. That makes your task doubly difficult: to learn about the Tarot at the same time as creating a useful Tarot deck. That's a very steep climb.

I speak from experience. At the age of 20 or so (a thousand years ago!) I tried what you're attempting. I had an intellectual understanding of the cards only, and at the same time I was trying (for another person) to make a progression of Majors. The results, for me at least, were flat and unconvincing. They *looked* okay, but had no *oomph*. I realized this was so because I had no inner feeling or relationship with the deck. I hadn't put in my time.

This might or might not be important for you; I'm just putting it out there as one of my experiences. My very best to you in your efforts.



Thanks so much for the advice! Unfortunately, because the project has a due date, I can't spend toooooo much time on research. right now my basic technique is doing research the night before on the specific card i plan to do the next day in class. I had originally planned to make only ten or so, then the 22 major arcana...and then my teacher got really excited after I made the first two and asked me to do an entire deck, as well as make a box to put them in. So instead of shrinking as it goes, the project is getting larger. Luckily, I'm having a lot of fun doing this, and leanring a lot in the process, which makes it even more worth while.
Are there any sites anyone would recommend??
Again, thanks oodles!


allibee by Joan Bunning is pretty much a sort of 'industry' standard for those newcomers wishing to learn the meanings of cards.

Good Luck



Good luck, and btw: I don't think you should start with the majors. The suit cards are hardest because there is no clear 'standard' for the meanings, hard as people might suggest there are. Just keep up as you're going, it loooks good.


So, you're suggesting i do the suit cards first, then, because they're harder? Did I understand that right?

Thanks a lot for the site suggestions. Kayne sent me a link on DA that I found extremely helpful. Any other newcomers that might chance to read this may want to check it out.
great stuff.
Again, thanks sooo so much! I'm almost finished with my 5th card, which ill then post on my gallery at DA ( Keep an eye out - id love to hear what you think!

many many thanks,