New idea for a deck - Thanks, Blue Fusion!


This all started with two things - the name of Blue Fusion's deck, and an incredibly detailed graphic of a mask and face done in Poser.

I just picked up the latest version of Poser, and it struck me that it allows an incredible amount of detailed work on faces (and masks), and that one could actually put the details of the Tarot scene on the mask, and have a huge amount of extra playing space for what was (and was suggested) behind the mask.

The tentative theme is "All Reality is a mask for the Spirit within".

Right now I have a dozen different ideas spinning in my head, including how to represent the Sun directly and whether it's the mask or the thing behind the mask. And does the hierophant wear a tattered mask, because there's so little between the spirit and the reality, or is the mask more complete because of it?

This is one I'm going to have to not only take careful notes on, but probably do really full card descriptions as I go, because whatever it comes out like, much of it is going to be very different.

More as more comes up...


The theme alone says volumes! This already sounds like an amazing project and I encourage all creative progress :)


ideed the theme is very intersting. the very act of wearing a mask is very symbolic (and how we all [symbolically] wear masks in our daily lives). i hope you do well with this endeavor.




:D I like this idea, I can't wait to see some images!


What a great idea!

Indeed, so many possibilities with the concept of a mask! Even my mind is now brainstorming, running wild, searching, combining... I just had to post the reply!

And is The Death a white mask? So you can put on it whatever you wish after washing your face and getting ready for the new start.

The Hermit - definitely a shaman-like intrications / images. Or maybe just the eyes - the rest of the face is calm. Only the eyes showing wisdom

And the wheel of fortune - black and white? Yin and Yang? Happy and sad halves?

And the Devil mask? Like the ones from Japanese theatre... And The High Priestes..., a mask with a tiny bit of blue lace...

Must stop rambling.
Wising you all the best with your creations!



What an awsome idea! I can't wait to see this one pan out. Good luck!



I'm just realizing what I'm getting in to. Never mind that all of my best work to date has started out with "I don't have any idea how I'm going to do this", I promised myself a year ago I'd work with techniques I've already mastered, and not dive whole hog into an entirely new medium, and here I am doing it again.

Yeah, a new medium. Don't expect to see anything very soon on this - Poser can turn out simple stuff very fast, if you're not going for detail, but I expect to spend a couple of hundred hours learning the program before I can get it to do the things I want for this project, and then, if my guess is right, about a week's time on any given face/mask, and longer for an entire card.

How come I can never do anything simple? (Don't answer that...) There was a time that I thought computer graphics would SAVE time and effort...


There was a time that I thought computer graphics would SAVE time and effort...

This idea is one of the biggest illusions of all time, isn't it? What little drawing I do on a computer is with Adobe Illustrator--oh, the time it can devour for the most simple concept . . .

Lady Eclipse

Hi Astra,

This sounds like a great idea. There are so many possibilities so I don't think you'll have any problem with coming up with ideas. I know you said it will be awhile but please keep us posted of your progress. :)

Joy to you,