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I thought some folks might be interested in this -- apparently Nancy Garen, author of "Tarot Made Easy," is suing the Miss Cleo company for copyright infringement, because they copied her book verbatim for their websites, and also tell their readers to read to clients out of the book. Her lawyers put up a website:

which is very interesting, particularly the affidavit from one of her attorneys who spoke to Miss Cleo, who is apparently an actual living person, which was a surprise to me (I thought she was an actress reading a script). Miss Cleo says she is shocked, shocked that her employers would infringe Ms. Garen's copyright. Apparently infringing copyright is a no-no in her moral universe, but it's okay to be taped performing phony readings for her commercials.

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On a side note, Miss Cleo's corporation was also sued by the Missouri Attorney General's office for telephone marketing violations, and was ordered to pay $75,000.00 (US Dollars).



I saw on a t.v. news show that miss cleo Is just an actress , there is no real miss cleo. Maybe they put a woman on the phone to impersonate her?! I noticed this in the article too and wondered.


So this whole Ms.Cleo thing is a sham??? Do you know for sure that her readings are fake with actors???


Sorry, but there is a real Miss Cleo. Apparently, she is paid for the right to use her name and image. This is from Court TV's website:

"But the one place Miss Cleo, whose real name is Youree Cleomili Harris, is least likely to be found is on her hotline?which is actually staffed by "psychic associates" who are part of a business empire constructed by a wealthy South Florida businessman, Steven Feder."

Read for yourself at:



Quote:Lee (09 Jan, 2002 20:25):
Miss Cleo says she is shocked, shocked that her employers would infringe Ms. Garen's copyright.

If you gonna be talkin' about Miss Cleo, den you needs to use dee ac-cent! So you must say, dat Miss Cleo, she was shocked, shocked dat her em-ploy-ers would in-finge upon de copy-right of Ms. Garen! Dat was a no-no! And she give Ms. Garen a free reading to make up for it? She tell Ms. Garen all about her boyfriend who got a police record, don't you know?