New Moon in Cancer Spread

Ace of Stars

This is a spread I created for Monday's New Moon in Cancer. It has a theme of emerging emotions vs. heavy emotions and how we can nourish ourselves to feel light and connect with our bliss. I hope you like it. I would appreciate credit if you use it in public forums or blogs. I always appreciate suggestions for improving my work.


+ is 2 crossing 1

1. What emotions are surfacing?

2. What is weighing me down?

3. What changes in my home will nourish me?

4. What changes in my relationships will nourish me?

5. How can I connect with deep bliss?


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Thank you Ace of Stars this looks interesting!


Yes this does look interesting.

I love how the Tarot is being used to answer an Astrological question.
This piques my interest in Astrology a good deal.