New Oracle Deck


The Compass of Fate

In the "Unpublished" section of the Aeclectic Tarot web site is a new deck of my creation.
It's called "The Compass Of Fate"
It can be found here

It's B&W and was originally intended for net distrubution but at fully printable sizes. I took my inspiration from the standard art you find in many Rider-Waite line drawing based variants.

It's an 'oracle' deck so it doesnt follow standard tarot guidelines.
Instead of being based on a european 'poker' like deck this deck is based off of a mahjongg deck including flowers & seasons.

Each suite has a primary theme, with subthemes. Unlike "The fortune tellers mahjong" which has one deck multiplied 4 times (which is usually necessary to play mahjong) This deck features a unique card for each suite #/etc.

Another odd feature is that you see no depiction of a human or a building anywhere in the deck. (with the exception of a mask and some human 'hands')

A quick breakdown of the deck is as follows.
Cast = 36 cards of 'people'
Items = 36 cards of things
Lands = 36 cards of places (natural)
Seasons = 16 cards with a 4 season theme
Reasons = 12 cards with a good/evil/chaos theme
Family = 4 cards
Elements = 4 cards of 4 main elements
Virtues = 8 cards of various virtues (primary replacement for jokers)

Jokers = 8 cards of poisonous plants. no unique images. Was droped due to lack of imagery but kept available for alternate use in mahjongg gameplay.

As This is my first card deck I would enjoy any feedback. Wether it be positive or negative. I initially made the original variant for fun and expanded it into the much more curious thing it is now. With enough positive feedbeck I might even submit a deck to a publisher. (just for fun, no expectations) If the most likely publishers decline to accept the work, I'll possibly post the full sized version online.

A preview is available at the following URL
These are -NOT- the full sized printable cards but the images give you an idea of detail and the suites. of Fate/index01-by-date.html

Thank you for reading this posting!
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