New Orleans RECAP - Keyword Thread - Look how far we have come!

Little Baron

As we get further into the pack, I thought it might be nice to recap on what we have learnt so far. Just in terms of keywords. Things that make sense to us for divination purposes and trigger our memories of the cards. I shall add more, as we study more. They are a mix of both our posts, Grip, in summary. Let me know if you want any words added to the notes.



New beginnings, fresh start, healing.
Pure Fire; active, masculine energy.
Antagonistic, impatient when ill-dignified.
Sex, without love; orgasm; a rawness.
Natural force and strength; creation.

New beginnings, fresh start, healing of the mind.
Meditation, serenity.
Consideration; careful decisions, rather than action.
Inspiration in one burst.
Purity of thought, cleanliness, clarity, a stillness of mind that omits confusion.

AYIDA WEDO [Water/Congo]
New beginnings, fresh start, emotional healing and cleansing.
Overcome with emotion; pure emotion - laughter, tears, tenderness, hate.
Pure creativity.
A rush of love.
Raw emotion.

OLODUMARE [Earth, Santeria]
New beginnings, fresh start, physcial healing.
A birth.
A physical creation.
An opportunity within the earth; in property, pregnancy, the body, or money.
The sadness of any loss of creation, when ill-dignified; sorrow.

Little Baron


Spritual fire; passionate energy transmitted to another.
Inspiration through action.
Getting things moving.
A passionate exchange; sexual, possibly.
Substantial influence on another.

Movement of the mind.
Putting ideas into practice.
Sharing knowledge and ingredients of thought.
Weighing up what is best.
Opposing ideas, when ill-dignified.

GRAN IBO [Water, Congo]
Emotional sharing.
Emotional movement.
Support and loving contact; a true friend or partner.
A consult.
Understanding the hidden and emotional language of another person.
Phychic language and connection.
Unspoken knowledge and trust.
Communication without words.
Kindred spirits; like minds; twin souls.
Company, companionship.

OLOFI [Earth, Santeria]
Nurturing of another, patiently.
Physical development from an original seed.
Physical connection with earth.
Combination of two elements to make another.
Producing something substantial and tangiable.

Little Baron


Sexual excitement.
Sexual power.
Passionate growth.
Rush of excitement as something is born.
Strength, force.
Growth of sexual urge; the orgasm or 'little death'.

GUEDEH [Air/Rada]
Sadness, pain.
Rememberance of the dead, in mourning.
An eventual release of bad times.
Reserection after the dark night of the soul.

Fair Judgement.
The balance between life and death.
Initiation through change.
Understanding of death, to appreciate life.
Appreciation of what we have.

OYA [Earth, Santeria]
Physical growth; good health.
Abrupt change, physically.
Possitive influence and growth - in business, health and finances.

Grip Dellabonte

This is a great idea. You get another cookie for doing extra credit work! And not only that, but a distillation like this really helps with the threes.
Are you sure I had any input into this list? ;) I don't recognize me. But if I did, I'm BRILLIANT! I knew you were, but boy am I smart! Ha!

Looking at this I really think these first three groups were the hardest...except for maybe the fives. The fours, sixes, and sevens came a bit easier.

I don't know if I have anything to add. I think these look really good just as they are.

It came to me when you finished the sevens that we are over halfway through the minors and I hadn't even noticed before this morning. That seems so fast.

Have you already done somewhere the court cards and the majors?

Little Baron

I havn't looked too far into the courts or majors. I thought we could approach the courts in the same way as we are doing with the pips, in fours. And then start at 1 and move along, for the majors. Even though some threads already exist for some of the cards, I really would like to create new ones as I think we need this clean slate in this particular study. I don't want to be writing on top of already jumbled threads and conversations.

I think that is is great that we have made it right through to the 'sevens'. Study often wanes, but I think we have held the momentum together. And I must admit that those threes did knock my confidence and enthusiasm. I may have to do some more work on them a little later down the track; maybe readings may help. But I must thank you Grip. Without your input, I doubt that I would be still working with this deck. I would have liked to have thought I would, but I think the journey would have been far to isolated. You have given me a lot to think about and I think that both of us have aided each other's confidence levels in what is a very hard deck to break.

I shall continue with the rest of the numbers that we have studied, as and when.


Grip Dellabonte

Oh, you're most welcome, LB. I was also worried in the beginning that this study would collapse like many of the others. I bailed on many a thread myself just because life intervened and I felt the threads got away from me. But we have hung in there, and we've been well rewarded in many ways. So much so, that I am going to make a blatant request of you....I have other "hard to break" decks....! If you had any free time on your hands at all...;) When we're done with this one of course. Plus you're already working on one of my other difficult ones. But I don't think I want to jump in on that one til I'm done with this one. I will also offer to be of what help I can be with any other deck you may want to work on.

Right now, I'm going to go write up the 8's before everyone is awake, and starts distracting me.

P.S. I have to say though, that I am really surprised more people didn't get involved with this discussion.


Hi LB and Grip Dellabonte,

I just wanted to say how I'm enjoying your postings on the NOVT, it is a deck I'd love to be able to get into properly but always get stuck in the artwork.

I've printed of your threads and postings and they are really making the deck come alive and understandable.

Actually that's probably why no others have contributed to your threads, everyone is too busy digesting what you've both wrote and printing them out (Like me) :)

I just wanted to say thanks.

Grip Dellabonte

Wow! What a nice thing to say, Emily!
I am so glad that we have helped in some way with your understanding of the deck.
Please feel free to jump in. I know you're still digesting, but really so are we!
No one has posted to my take on the "eights" as yet, and I just figured it was because my Vicodin soaked brain overtook my writing, and people just thought everything I said was a bit too weird for them! (getting over knee surgery...).
Your comments really do encourage me, and I am sure Little Baron, to keep pressing on with this.

BTB....I'm also printing everything out. It does help a lot when working with the cards.
And me Grip.

Little Baron

Hi Grip and Emily

Yes, it does encourage me and fire up my passion.

I find it hard to believe that at one point, some of these cards were so difficult to comprehend and such a mystery. Now, a veil has been removed from some and I can read them. The best stroke was to study by number. Because you see so many simularities between them.

I will continue with this thread and respond to the 'eights'. This week has been a bit manic, and to be honest, my mind hasn't felt in the right frame to sit down and give it all the attention it needs.

So, I am going to make some kids clothes later and afterwards, will sit down and have a go at updating both.


P.S. And you know, when we have complted this study, I might even have a go at the Enochian :bugeyed: :bugeyed: :bugeyed: :bugeyed:
That certainly would be a challenge!!!!!!! Have you seen that deck Grip? It is by the same artist. If the NOVT looks complicated, I think that one will floor us!

Grip Dellabonte

LB! Maybe the worker gods will smile down upon you and give you a less hectic week ahead. That would be nice.
How's your hobbling coming along? You getting around better?
Children's clothes?! How interesting. Is that what you do?
I have seen the I will tell you a little story....
I was reading a basic book on tarot long ago, and this man was advising how to pick out a deck that was right for you. He happened to use the Enochian as an example. He was saying that you should pick a card, meditate on it, then visualize yourself going into the card and becoming part of the interplay of the scene in the card you chose. Except he said not to ever do that with the Enochian! Well, unless you were experienced at card reading and such. He had a bad "trip" as it were, and almost didn't make it out of the card! I was a novice at all this stuff when I read that and I can tell you it scared the you-know-what out of me! HA!
However, I have read a lot more since then, and after having such a great time with the NOVT I'm up for anything!
I noticed you are also working on Navigators of the Mystic Sea. I do have that deck. I would love to work on that one.
But if you have the stamina...wink, wink! And I know you do... I would be interested in doing the Enochian. But I would have to buy it first.
Hey! I also just noticed today that you are working with the Margarete Petersen. I have been intrigued by that one for a while. Do you like it?