New Orleans Voodoo Taort - 4 Congo -- La Baleine [4 of Cups]


The mouth of La Baleine, the great whale, husband/consort of La Sirene, gapes open. Water spouts from the blowhole and water from the ocean flows into La Baleine’s mouth. You can see the ridges in the roof of the mouth, which form a leaflike pattern (veins of a leaf); this could be an allusion of growth, especially since it has a greenish tint. The water from the blowhole could indicate emotion via intuition (the blowhole is right over the crown chakra).

There is security in La Baleine’s mouth, but it comes at a price: you are dependent upon La Baleine’s welfare since it’s tied to your own. This may be tied to the traditional RWS meaning of emotional stagnation, discomfort.

The background is black; is La Baleine in a cave? The outline of the mouth and tail is yellow and pourple: intellect and intuition.


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