New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 1 Congo -- Ayida Wedo [Ace of Cups]


Ayida Wedo is the goddess of the rainbow and the wife of Damballah Wedo. She is considered to be the co-creator of the vodoun pantheon. In this card, Ayida Wedo has a snake wrapped around her right arm and neck. The face of the snake seems to be her face (the snake is green, a nod to Simbi, the trickster snake of illusion). This symbolizes oneness (two become one). Ayida Wedo’s skirt covers her genital region, though it is sheer, and gives a hint of what is there (coyness?). The skirt is white, symbolizing purity, innocence, peace; she is otherwise naked, but the snake and her left arm covers her breasts. Her right arm is upraised (harness divine energies?).

The background is of pastel colors and movement  fledgling energies. The snake is flicking its tongue, which is how snakes taste in real life. This could indicate testing the waters (of emotion), so to speak.


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