New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 1 Rada -- Damballah Wedo [Ace of Swords]


Damballah Wedo is the Supreme Snake God, the creator of the vodoun pantheon. He rests suspended in a tree. Eggs fall from him to the ground. He waits to see which eggs hatch (or not) before he makes a move; this indicates patience. He gives a very direct gaze from the card (clear thought).

The tree branches are in the form of a cross this card is a lesser aspect of Zombi [The Hanged Man]. The grass at the bottom of the card is growing high (grass or weeds?). It’s not that green but still healthy. Likewise, the tree bark is pale, but the leaves are healthy. This could indicate that actions/ideas that don’t seem to bear fruit, actually are.

The background of the card is a pale yellow/beige  intellect (beginnings). This is darker on the left side of the card, where the eggs are. The tree is positioned to show the area of fertility (eggs dropping); not much is seen of the other side of the tree.


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