New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 2 Rada -- Nan Nan Bouclou [2 of Swords]


Nan Nan Bouclou is the lwa of herbs and medicines. This card shows two men meeting in the forest. Both are dressed in white (initiates?); one carries a medicine bag (homage to Azaka?) and holds out a mandrake root. He has the bottom portion of his face covered; discretion due to the mandrake root? The other man holds out a handful of herbs/branches. He seems to be older than the other man (an elder?). They seem to be making an exchange. The grass in the card is very green, the trees have healthy leaves. The sky is blue.

Again, this card does not fit with the traditional RWS meaning of “stalemate”. In this deck, this card seems to be one of communication, (helpful) exchange/sharing of ideas (since this is a Rada, or air, card) that are of mutual benefit.

The mandrake root is a plant linked to fertility, prosperity, and protection


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