New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 3 Congo -- Manman Brigitte [3 of Cups]


Manman Brigitte is the wise judge, one of the guedeh, and married to Baron Samedi. She is known for her wisdom and named for the Irish goddess Brigitte. Manman Brigitte is sitting cross-legged atop a pile of square-shaped stones. She is covered in a drape and holds a burning candle in her left hand (left=intuition, right-brained). Candles surround her on the stones. Someone is placing a candle on a stone. Her ears are covered in white  justice is blind and he rears are stoppered (not influenced by what is heard). She sits against a healthy, large tree and is sheltered by its leaves.

The candles could be a nod to Catholicism and the importance placed on prayers. Also, the light could indicate illumination of the spirit, knowledge, and communication with the divine. There is lots of purple in this card - rely on intuition, not what can be physically sensed (hence the blindfolding and stoppered ears).

Manman sitting on top of the stones forms a pyramid shape  stability, Holy Trinity. There is lush, green grass at the bottom of the card (more growth)

This differs from traditional RWS meaning of celebration.


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