New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 4 Rada -- Agwe [4 of Swords]


A group of initiates, dressed in white, are aboard a boat with a big, white sail. One plays drums while three others prepare to drop a tray laden with food into the ocean as an offering to Agwe, lwa of the ships on the seas, so that they may have safe passage. The sea is calm and the sky is clear.

Agwe is married to La Siren.

This card has a lot of blue and white in it, which are the sacred colors of Agwe. The coloring of this card is also similar to that of the 4 Santeria—Obatala card, and Obatala is considered to be cool, calm and collected.

There are seven people on the boat; is this a sacred number of Agwe?

I interpret this card to mean “smooth sailing”. As this is a Rada (air) card, this can also mean restful thoughts, no stress (but working to stay that way).


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