New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 5 Rada --Ogoun Ferraille [5 of Swords]


Ogoun Ferraille is encased in a suit of armor that is made of iron. He holds a knife aloft in the air. He seems to be standing in front of a hill (?) made of iron, but this iron is cool (bluish). The iron of the armor is tinged with red  the bloodlust of battle/lust/passion/anger of battle runs through his veins.

The background of the card is the bright red of passion and anger.

There is rigidity in this card; a cool exterior/hot exterior, someone who doesn’t show his feelings easily.

Since this is a Rada card, this could indicate rigid thoughts and stress (or continuing to stress), or bothersome thoughts that are self-defeating. The knife could stand for cutting thoughts, or thoughts that could be otherwise harmful.


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