New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 7 Congo -- La Sirene [7 of Cups]


La Sirene, wife of La Baleine, floats in the ocean. Her expression is one of contentment. IN the distance is La Baleine the great whale. No matter how far the are from each other (geographically, etc.), they will always be connected by the sea.

La Sireine wears a necklace of cowrie shells, which was once used as currency in Africa (birthplace of vodoun).

The sky in the background is a pale, pale green, a sage green: beginnings of growth? Sage=wisdom and is a protective herb. The green in the La Sirene’s tail and the streaks in her hair are also indicative of growth. The pink indicates love, romance, innocence. The hints of purple in the water right above Li Sirene’s head (between she and La Baleine) indicate a psychic connection.

I interpret this card as one of deep emotional connection, one that is almost otherworldly. Grip Dellabonte (thx G!) mentioned that this is the bridge between thought and form, a blending/synthesis of the elements.


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