New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 9 Rada -- Masa [9 of Swords]


A woman (Masa) is holding a teapot. Steam from the teapot rises to the heavens and forms a river upon which Agwe can sail. The background is a starry night.

Masa control the transport of powers to and from spirits. They can’t use these powers, they can only transport them. Different spirits require different means of transport; what works for one won’t necessarily work for another.

The teapot is an allusion to the genie in a bottle. The Masa seems to be rubbing on the teapot in order to release Agwe.

Agwe is sailing in front of a full moon, which is almost obscured by the sails of the boat. This may indicate that transport occurs via intuition and secrecy [the spirit world] and/or during nighttime [dreams], when the Veil is thinner.

This card could indicate actual transport or travel. Depending on the surrounding cards, it could even indicate a physical death.


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