New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - IV--Loco [The Emperor]


Loco/Loko is the lwa of protection and healing. He is married to Ayizan.

This card shows a hut where ceremonies take place. The central post of the hut rises to a diamond-shaped opening in the top of the hut. An initiate peeps down into the hut from a long distance (hut is deep underground?). There is lush foliage around the initiate/opening (secret place in the woods). A moth/butterfly flies through the opening and around the post. There are rainbow-colored flags around the post: 2 small ones on the right and one large one on the left. Wooden beams hld up the roof and one large beam crisscrosses the others near the top of the post (support).

Flags: Ayida Wedo (rainbow)?

The central post is phallic [traditional: The Emperor rules, gives structure. Is the RULER, the alpha male].

The hut is darkened but the post is in the light  ruler as beacon of the kingdom?

Hut is a form of protection. Also a place for people to get spiritually healed (like the initiates prior to their ceremony).

Warm browns and golds in the card. Very fatherly, masculine, but not threatening.


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