New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - Rada--Hounsis [Page of Swords]


This card shows an initiate caring for the govi. This is a position of responsibility, dependability, deliberation and care. She seems to be putting the govi back in order, as they are a bit out of order.

The larger govi are green and rounded  spiritual growth. The smaller govi are yellow and square  mental stability Together could indicate intellectual growth (since this is a Rada card), also the dichotomy between black and white (square) and shades of gray (rounded).

(round and square  duality, dichotomy)

This card could also indicate apprehension, fearfulness (due to the importance of the task).

The dark orange walls look like the glow from a fire --> spiritual fire, power? There is a very warm coloring and feeling to this card.

This doesn't really fit with the traditional RWS Page of Swords meaning of a messenger (snail mail, emails, etc), unless one considers that the hounsis is communicating with the lwa in some way and getting messages from them?


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