New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - VI--Marassa [The Lovers]


A woman and a man, naked, hands clasped together at the top of the card. The woman’s legs scissor the man’s. At the bottom of the card is a pot with three openings. Pot: 0=2; birth from the Void (Nan Nan Bouclou  Marassa, the sacred twins). Three openings in the pot: Holy Trinity, mind/body/spirit (fertility?).

NOVT book: acceptance of differences.
Traditional: choices (go with your head or go with your heart)

Joined bodies form a diamond shape  4 sides  stability

Couple has a serene look to them. They match  2 sides of a whole. YET: woman is shorter than man (differences, and acceptable ones: yin/yang).

Yellows, browns and golds give a warm feeling to this card.


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