New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - Wild Card--Les Barons [no RWS equivalent]


This card shows Baron Samedi, Baron Cimitiere, and Manman Brigitte walking upa flight of stairs. They (along with Baron La Croix) are collectively known as the guedeh, the spirits of Death:

--Baron Samedi (“Baron Wednesday): ruler of the guedeh and of Les Barons. Obscene, bawdy
--Baron La Croix: dapper dresser, sophisticated
--Baron Cimitere: rules the cemetery
--Manman Brigitte: the wise and fair judge. Great wisdom and the temper of the goddess Kali when her wisdom is ignored. She is married to Baron Samedi

As they walk up the steps they have grinning skull faces and are dressed in purple and they are wearing sunglasses. There is a crowd behind them; a hand reaches up from the crowd toward the Caribbean blue sky.

NOVT book: sex and death, and the unexpected. Humor in the face of the unexpected. I interpret this card to mean roll with the punches, laugh to keep from crying, and leave room for the surprises.

The aqua background and purple clothes lend an element of cheer to this card; indeed, it has a party atmosphere (especially the groups of people on the card). The reaching hand is reaching for the sky, reaching above the group for more.


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Water Pixie

Wild Card

To me this card can represent a person, place or situation or state of mind. A person represented by this is indeed a wildchild. Also, I think it symbolizes resilience, laughing the face of certain death. It can also be a reminder of our own mortality. More esoterically, I think it relates to the voodoo idea of ancestors as they are taken to the realm of the Gede, the cemetery. Alternatively, it can mean to seek guidance and wisdom in the those that have already pasted. A very interesting card.


Not to be a stick in the mud about it, but "Baron Samedi" means Baron Saturday, not Wednesday. Not that it much matters except that as far as the work week goes, Saturday is generally much more fun prospectively than is Wednesday (mercredi).