New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - XV--Courir Le Mardi Gras [The Devil]


A horned figure (The Devil? Pan?) dressed in a black robe stands atop the rounded roof of a hut. There is a pale blue sky behind him, and it balances out the darker tones in the card. Courir’s hands are raised in a similar posture of Dr. John (The Magician): as above, so below. The landscape is not bleak, but lonely. There are two trees on either side of the hut. They are shaped like men and they are purple. They seem to be swaying in the breeze. The rightmost tree is the most visible and discernible. The grass is long, but not really green. Another hut is partially visible in the lower right-hand corner; smoke rises from its chimnehy. A large black bird (chicken?) falls upside down, beak open, wings outstretched. The chicken is larger in perspective than anything else in this card.

This card deals with fears and demonstrates how fears can bind us. The arm postures of Courir stells us that we have the power to be slave to our fears, or to conquer them.

The large chicken reminds me of the Chicken Little story: “The sky is falling!”  fears seem larger than they really are.


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