New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - XVI--Deluge [The Tower]


A river overflows and the flood sweeps across the broken levees and the riverbanks. Lightining hits an electrical tower, sending off sparks. The top of the tower is cleaved in two by the lightning (no communication). Trees sway in the storm breeze. A house, along with the tower, is tipped over. The flood covers a car and part of the road it’s on. In the background of the card (behind the river), all is calm. The flood washes away that which is not stable, and even that which was thought to be stable (like the house). The car is covered, but not washed away or tipped over (travel/movement is stability?). Blockage reoccurs BEHIND the car; the road is clear in front of the card (don’t look back at what’s no longer useful?). The blocked roadway forces you to find an alternative route.

Water=emotions. Emotions held back too long will break through barriers and overflow to cover whatever is in their path. Water is a powerful force, more powerful than the storm and lightning.

This card isn’t as shocking as the RWS Tower card and shows that “tower” events don’t have to be so shocking. Yet, when the electrical tower hits the water, there will be shocks.

Even with the flood, the grass is still green  growth is still there, hasn’t been destroyed or uprooted.


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I just recently aquired this deck inspired by my limited knowledge in the ways of Voodoo. ( I drum in a rada in a temple in Burlington and have been possessed twice....)
When I saw this card all I could think of is "Cathrina"
I wonder, how the people, that read with this deck in New Orleans and area, feel, when they see this card coming up in a reading now....


I was just wondering the same thing, Mi-Shell. Terrible!

Water Pixie

My take on Deluge

I have worked with the NOVT on and off for about 2 years. It is the only deck I have. This card... I do not like. I drew it once in a reading when I had questions after a friend died in a terrible shipwreck. Literally this card means a pouring forth of water. At least then it did. Also, I feel as though it means a break in the our resolve to control our emotions. Emotions drowning oneself or others. I do not like this card. It is a very sad card indeed.