New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - XVII--Z'Etoile [The Star]


A baby is nestled in an egg that streaks toward the heavens. Comets streak and swirl about the egg in the dark night sky. The baby is positioned in the egg much like a baby is positioned in the womb. (Egg as womb?) The baby is secure in the egg and is rather large (almost ready to be born?). The baby is partially obscured in the egg (potential not yet completed/realized).

The egg is golden tinged w/ lavender: burgeoning intuition? Psychic powers?

Lots of movement in this card. The spirits have the same lavender/gold ginge as the egg, while the comets are just gold.

This card speaks to a hope that is far away but attainable (much like a pregnancy/gestation: the baby is a ways off, but will eventually be born/occur). This card can also be an indication of physical pregnancy.


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