New Palladini tarot


I use the New Palladini deck. Carl Japiske wrote an excellent book for the first Palladini desk, years ago.

Has anyone seen anything worthwhile written on the symbols and colrs in the the the New Palladini deck?


the new palladini deck i got came with the book about it. i don't use the deck, so you want my book?


I appreciate your kind offer, but I have the book that came with the deck.

Palladini uses a lot of nonstandard symbols and I am looking for something a little deeper. For example, he will use upside down fish scales on a torso or body part to give the intuitive impression of lots of karmic issues. In other cases, he puts a gem on a chakra location, with obvious implications.

By his own admission, Palladini learned a lot about Tarot symbology since he created his first deck many years ago (the Aquarian deck). I have an internal conviction, however, that Palladini, as many artists do, brings material forth from the unconscious that begs integration and understanding!

Guess I'll end up having to analyze each card separately, along side of what Carl Japiske interpreted for the original Aquarian Tarot. It's a daunting task that I don;t have time for right now.

Again, thanks for your kind offer.