New, suggestions?


I'm new to the Fey thread, and have been deliberating between getting either the Fey and Tarot book and deck set *from another person online* or ordering the Londa tarot through the bookstore.

I'm leaning towards the Fey. :) Since this will be my second deck after buying Hanson-Roberts a year or two ago, I'm hoping for some comments, reviews, anything, that will help me with purchasing this deck. I'm probably going to have to wait a bit before I can pay for it, but anybody wanna give me a review, and their thoughts and feelings on how should be used, or how easy it is to use, or how the meanings differ from the Hanson Roberts deck.

I'll probably get the Londa deck soon thereafter, but I really love the little Fey people on this deck. :)

Lee (attracted to all things magical!)


The Fey Tarot is a Rider Series, and its not too hard, but there are a few cards which have been portraited in a different style to the original Rider Waite. However you can still look at it from Rider Waite's point of view.

Its quite a happy deck and I think you would love it, the only thing is the eyes of some of the Feys, many of my friends said that they do not like it. but its ok for me so I got it. Do u have this problem?