New Tarot of Vampyres anyone???


I was just wondering if anyone who had a copy of the new 'Tarot of Vampyres' published by Llewellyn was interested in doing a study group for it? I've just got this deck, and really wanna work with it- would be nice to have company :)
Jesii xxx


If a tarot study group is set up I'm definitely joining in. This is the deck I spend the most time with and would love to explore it on a deeper level.


I'd be interested too!

I've never worked with a deck in a study group before, but I've looked at other threads and it looks like it would be fun and interesting.


I would like to join too!! :)

Queen of Disks

Me too!


I would be interested, as well, whenever I have time to zip in!


I don't post very often (I'm more of a lurker!) but I'd love to be part of a study group for this deck.


I see that the index thread is up for the study group. I thought we could start a thread for the "Kith and Kin" chapter (shadow profiles). I didn't know if everyone just wanted to jump in and start with the majors or not...

I can't wait to get started!


Well I'm up for just jumping in with the majors, if everyone else is? I was thinking, if people liked the 'Kith and Kin' thread idea, we could try and run the two threads alongside one another?
Just ideas

Edit: Thinking we could start up two threads
1) Kith and Kin work group
2) The Fool (because we might as well start at the beginning?)
I will start these up, as long as thats good with everyone else?


How do we start?

I'm up for starting with the Fool. Have to finish my coffee and give Hubby & my son their turn on the computer first! :D

Should I just post to the study group thread with 0 The Fool as the title?

I'd like to do something with the Kith & Kin thread too, but I'm not sure what...other than just posting what my personal cards are. I'd be interested in seeing what other comments are posted about that. Think I'll go read that chapter again while I drink my coffee.