New Tarotreader Deck Text based


Hi All,

Thought you might be interested in looking at my Tarot. It is called 'Tarotreader'. It is very easiy to learn and use.

It is is very different. It was over ten years in the development.

Tarotreader is a text based Tarot, that provides 'Subject' cards and 'Tarot' cards.

The Tarot cards themselves are double sided and text based. The comments interlink. Part of a comment starts on one card and finishes on another.

Like any Tarot the number of differing readings that the cards will provide are endless.

My tarot is so different to those currently available that I have a patent pending on the way in which these card interact.

I would be pleased to hear you views about my system of Tarot.

My site that give a look at those cards is :

Hope you give it a look and I would be pleased to hear your opinions.

Kind regards to all,



Interesting! Very interesting, indeed! A text-based Tarot is an unexpected departure from image-based or symbol-based Tarot.

98 cards, double-sided. Can it be called tarot unless the cards number 78, and include the usual 22 Majors and 56 Minors? Doesn't this effort fall into the Oracle Deck category?

I wonder, too, if the verbal readings that result might be so specific as to exclude the possibility of intuitive insights?

In any case, a wonderful effort! I'll be interested to hear other reactions.



For the interesting peek. I hope you obtain your patent. Conceptual thinkers probably will benefit from your deck.

Since I'm more used to looking at the traditional images of 78 card decks and websites that show as many pictures as possible, I'm less to use mostly texts and shapes.

The new Shakespeare oracle only has text in the minors and the concept is interesting, although a totally different theme.

Best wishes.

Mari H.


Hi rota,

Thanks for your positive enthusiasm.

The Tarotreader pack has 98 cards. but essentially it is a classical 78 card Tarot pack in text based form.

The pack has 78 double sided Tarot cards showing each meaning.

It additionally has 15 double sided 'Subject' cards. these allow the user to choose the type of reading that they wish, by choosing either the 'Gypsy' (3 card- past/present/future) Cetic (12 card general) Zodiac (12 star sign or time period) 'Compare' (2 card comparision)

The subject cards whilst not Tarot cards provide lead-in to the reading. For example Card ! of 'Gypsy' say "I look into you past and I see.." This would interlink with a comment on a Tarot card that is laid immediately below.

There are also 5 information cards Plus an information sheet.

Thanks for your input and interest.

Kind regards,



Hi Mari H,

Thank for your comments and well wishes.

I shall have a look at that pack, Thanks.

Kind Regards,


Major Tom

It looks a nice effort and I wish you well with it. :)

Being a bit of a traditionalist I think you're streching it quite a distance in calling your deck tarot. Did you try to match your 78 'tarot' text cards with meanings from a more traditional tarot? Do you have the equvalent of 22 majors, 40 pips and 16 courts?

Having attended a number of Body, Mind & Spirit festivals this year, I've seen a number of text based oracle decks developed for a number of different purposes.

Being so easy to use and indeed providing the interpretation in the lay-out should make your deck popular among those without the time needed to learn tarot. Once the word gets out I suspect it should sell really well.


I also had a look. It seems interesting and unusual, and nicely done.
However, like Mari, I am really drawn to images. I need them when I read as I feel they don't tie me down too much. Like all readers, I find I sometimes get some very strong impressions from the way the images lay next to one another and it's hard for words to function in quite the same way.

However, I agree that this deck will be welcome for many people, and I'm sure you'll do well with it. Plus it's always nice to see something that is a new approach.

Best wishes!


i love the idea....however, i do have a few opinions regarding the typography and shapes....(just my personal opinion)

i find it extremely difficult to read. the type on each card seems to "fight" for attention. The Magician card for example, the vertical words "the magician" seem entirely too close to the horizontal text in the middle of the card. I think the cards would benefit from some varying sizes - some contrast. emphasis on one concept with surrounding text to "support" or provide extra information in a smaller, less intrusive size.

fonts: seems to be an inconsistant use of serif/sans. along the left side, running vertically. intentional? why? what fonts are you using?

shapes: the gradient is nice, however the white spot in the middle makes the text even harder to read. The green square card talks about earth and nature - i find the actual "square" a bit too rigid and non-organic for this concept. I also think the type is too close to the edge. creates friction. Have you considered using the a maginfied "shape" of a letter or a number instead of a "generic" shape such as a circle, square, triangle? why the generic shapes? maybe i'm totally off here, do they have particular meaning?

i love the idea of a typographical tarot, i just think it would be more powerful if the attention that was given to the concepts & information was also given to the typography.

I apologize if i seem overly-critical, I really do think you have a fabulous idea here. I work with type day in & day out, so i have a particular passion for it.

only meant as "constructive criticism".


Hi Major Tom,

Thanks for your interest and well wishes.

With regards to the 78 cards, they are what I believe is the language of the Tarot and is well researched. I recognise that there are many 'dialects' of Tarot. What I have spent the time doing is striving to provide the essence of the meaning of each card. It is for my peers to judge how successful I have been in that undertaking. But if effort and reseach are worth any thing, then my humble pack, may at least stimulate interest in the art.

All Majors, courts and pips are represented and show their suit and letter/number.

I believe that mine is different to any other text based pack available for a number of reasons, such as providing additional subject cards and having cards interlink to contrast the meanings.

I hope that the novice will be able to quickly use my pack and become interested in Tarot in general and all the others that are out their.

Kind Regards,



Hi baba-prague,

Thank you for taking the time to give your kind opinion.

I, like you I also enjoy the chase of nice images when doing a reading, for these allow the strengths if intuition to unfold themselves.

I feel that when Tarot first was created, the picture was the intuitive alphabet of the masses and being in time when the masses lived closely with nature they naturally were tune with nature which had strong and collective pictorial meaning.

My Tarot was concieved from a desire to provide everyone with a quick and easy way of using the tarot. It is certainly my hope that people will use my Tarotreader, but it is also my hope that they will be encouraged to explore the exciting world of Tarot in general.

Kind Regards,