New thread: Lost and Found Singles Bar for missing Cards


Hi all,

I am starting a new thread as the old one is rather long and much of it no longer relevant.

This is the place to post if your deck is missing a card or more, and often enough others can help out.

I am Un-sticking the old thread but for reference, it is here.



Just checking in to follow


I am looking for a pink-Ankh backed 9-cups for my 1959 RWS.

The original was folded very neatly and looks like it was carried in a wallet. Romantic as that may be, it cannot be used without further damaging it.




So I just bought a Parlour Sibyl (1970, b.p. grimaud) off ebay. When it arrived it was missing cards #12 and #21 (The Enemy and Death). The seller refunded my money AND told me to keep the cards... so this is a long shot... but...

Maybe you also have an incomplete deck? Maybe you foolishly used this deck for art as a youngster and now you don't know what to do with the leftover cards? Maybe you just happen to have #12 and #21 lying around? Maybe you have the full deck and you're not attached to it and you're willing to trade for something else? Maybe you would love to make me an Enemy and Death card of the same size and shape and send them to me so I have a complete and usable deck? (I love this idea, actually).

I'm bummed because it's so beautiful and I would read with it all the time if I could. Hoping serendipity happens and I can restore this special deck.

Also if you have ideas of how I may find these cards let me know...


This may be a long shot but does anyone have a second edition Anna K World card they don't want? I bent mine in half trying to riffle shuffle it and now there's an unsightly crease mark across the card. I'm so mad about it. Why did the card stock have to be so thick??? Why did I have to insist on riffle shuffling such a gorgeous deck in the first place (please don't answer that part as I deeply regret what I've done to my beloved deck).


UrbanBramble, i have decided to sell my Parlour Sibyl deck. :)
Please watch for it in the trading forum today. [6.24.2014]
It is a very beautiful vintage deck, but i am in the process of
drastically reducing my collection.

Hugs and Blessings,
MoonGypsy xox


need a 9 of pent from Hanson Robert Tarot :S


Hello, what a great idea this thread. I was hoping someone has the LWB /mini companionbooklet of the Kitty Kahane tarot to spare. I got this deck a while back but without the box and without the bookler. And im curious