New to Oracle Cards... Frouds Faeries Oracle as a first time deck?


Ok, so, once before in my life, I had a deck of tarot cards. But they always gave me the heebies for some unknown reason and I couldn't get a decent grasp on them... Like... Ever.
But thanks to a friend, I'm delving into the world of oracle cards.
She herself has Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards, the Marseille Tarot and Frouds Faerie Oracle.

One afternoon at her house, she was doing a Gypsy Fortune Card reading for somebody and I was feeling a strong pull towards her box where she keeps all her card decks. I asked if it was okay for me to play with one of her decks, as I felt it was asking me to. She said it was fine and I pulled out a deck wrapped in pale brown fabric. As soon as I unwrapped it, I grinned. I recognised the Faeries on the back. I have seen Frouds work before, growing up with the movies Labyrinth and Dark Crystal being 2 movies I've loved and adored my whole life.
I said to my friend "this looks like Brian Frouds work". She handed me the book and said "that's because it is!"
I didn't know Brian had even done oracle cards, so it was completely new to me.
But from the second I unwrapped them, I felt like I just clicked with them. They have a playful vibe, but also peaceful.
Despite having never used them before, I did a bit of a half assed reading for myself (not really knowing how after all, I just chose cards that appealed strongly to me, shuffled those cards and randomly placed them in no particular order, face down.
I asked my question, what I wanted answered and decided that my first card would tell me what the instance was with the current situation.
The card was about grounding and basically said I need to ground myself, because right now my feet are up in the air and there isn't anyway I can do anything with both feet off the ground. Which made sense.
Second card... My obstacle. The card spoke about me having a paradox, but I don't currently know the answer to the paradox, so I should just get along with myself and move past it. Because I don't have the knowledge yet to answer the paradox, so stop letting it consume me, and just move on. Fair enough, made sense.
Third card... How I could move past the obstacle... Well, my obstacle itself said to get past it, but how. I'm the kind of person who tends to dwell on things. This card again was again, telling me to ground myself. So I need to ground myself to help get past my paradox.
Fourth card... What would come next once I cleared the obstacle? I would apparently need to go with the flow, stop stagnating, and go with it. What will come will come.
Fifth card.... What could I do to stop dwelling, since I have such trouble dwelling. I was told to focus on my creative pursuits. (The next day I went to a historical reenactment day which I had already made all my own clothes for and everything. I had massive amounts of fun and by the end of the day, I felt so zen and at peace, it was amazing).
Sixth card.... Where was my future heading? Well, apparently there is a surprise in store. Whether its good or bad, it did not say, but something big is going to shock me.
I kind of hope that its me finally getting pregnant, as my partner and I have been trying for over 3 years.

Anyway, not bad for a fire time playing with the cards. It was accurate on every account. And now every time I'm at my friends house, I can hear the Faeries chittering away, asking me to play with them. I love it, I feel so serene after I've had time with the fae. My friend very rarely plays with them, but is too attached to part with them, so I'm getting my own deck. Hopefully my own deck will still have the same positivity and connectivity that I feel with my friends deck.
They are on their way now.
I spent time meditating last night and wondering and asking my cards across the earth, what they would like me to house them in when they come home. I felt a very strong urge that what they wanted to be wrapped in was something green, slightly see through and mottled and varying in its green shades... Like different colours of sunlight on leaves.
When at my friends tonight, I said to her what it was that I felt the fae would like and she paused, turned around and out of a box in the corner pulled out a large square cloth. Is four different shades of green, with a light yellowish green in the centre, and it each varying shade of green radiates out from the centre in a leaf pattern! It's gauzy and see through.
It's absolutely perfect.
Then I also felt that apart from their green wrap, they wanted me to use my brown fake wool as a protective barrier, to protect them from anything that might do them harm. I have just started making a brown cloak with the brown flakey wool. I had the perfect amount left over to make a carry satchel that will perfectly fit cards and book inside.

Months ago too, my friends son whilst playing with some rocks outside, found a terracotta bead. He asked absolutely everybody if they might use it for anything, and everybody said no. Just to make him smile, I said "I'm sure I'll find a use for it". He was rapt that somebody liked his little find.
So tonight after cutting out my cloak and making the satchel bag, it was almost like I could hear the terracotta bead calling me. It is now the button on my Faeries satchel bag.
I can't wait to show my friends son that I did find a use for it after all.
I hope when my deck arrives that they like what I made for them.

I'm also hoping I can bond with the cards and learn to read them easily, where tarot always eluded me. Has anybody else had the froud cards as an introduction to oracle cards?
I always thought unicorn oracle cards would be my thing, as I'm mad about horses and unicorns, but these cards vibrated so strongly with me and I feel so at peace when I'm playing with them.....
Wonder what everybody else's take on this is?


Hi Moondance,

From your story, you clearly have a very strong bond to the fae already. I am sure that when your new deck comes that you will love it.

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Hi, Moondance!!

The Faeries Oracle was my first deck period. I think it was an absolute perfect introduction to card divination. It has a great mix of light and dark, where it will be light and playful, but also remind you that there are darker things in life that you need to be aware of.

It seems like you're already pretty receptive to them, so I think you'll have a great time with them. Maybe they'll help you feel comfortable with tarot and other forms of divination like they did with me.


Thanks Alta and TsukiSei.

I'm currently reading through old posts in here now and replying on ones that feel relevant to where I am right now.

Night before last (the same night I ordered my own deck)... I had a dream about the cards. But like in Harry Potter, the images on the cards were moving. They were playing and having fun and showing me things.
It was very cool.
Now that mine are on the way too, my friends cards have stopped pestering me to play with them. I honestly think that I was at a point in my life where the Faeries could see I was struggling and rather than wait for me to be ready, they pretty much shouted at me "hey, we're here, and you need us".
My friend has done readings for me before with her Gypsy Fortune Telling cards, but every single reading has just been confusing and full of contradictions... The 2 readings I've done while playing with the faerie cards have both been 100% what I needed and after the reading I felt myself settling within my soul. My anxiety levels dropped and I felt at peace. It's difficult to get me feeling serene, so the fact these fae can get me that way, well, that's just amazing to me.
I want to make my fairies a little fairy bag that we can collect things in... Feathers and stone and other things they might like.