New to PC and a bit lost!


I have been drawn to start learning divination with regular playing cards. I've been reading tarot cards for myself for lots of years but I haven't felt a connection with the cards for quite a few years now. I used to, but not anymore.
So I've been looking at the hedgewytch method online and I'm just after a bit of advice! Should I do something like pulling 3 cards a day to learn the combinations? Maybe write them in a notebook to help remember them? It's so different to tarot that I'm not quite sure where to begin!


How do you see it "so different to tarot"? They are both divination.

Any of those methods you mentioned could work for you. You could also offer readings in the oracle section on this site for practice and get feedback from others.

Reading through the other threads in this playing cards forum and seeing what others have done might also help you.


You could also make a "learning deck". Take an old deck of playing cards and write on them to give yourself a bit of a boost in remembering meanings....then later switch to a plain deck.


A word of caution....there are tons of "resources" out there for the card meanings. I like the Hedgewytch one the best with a few tweaks I made from other sources. Probably because it was the first "official" one I learned. My mom read with playing cards but I'm not sure of the origin of her meanings.

I find reading playing cards a bit challenging but mostly quite accurate.


I forgot to add that sometimes I like to draw two cards for the day. I then record them in my notes and at the end of the day (as time allows) I reflect back on the day to see what the cards might have been "speaking of."

Sometimes in the morning I will interpret the cards one way but then at the end of the day I'm like OH....and I really see what they were pointing to, Not always but sometimes and it is an interesting journey to take with the cards.

Good luck and enjoy!!