New to tarot


Hi guys, i'm new to tarot cards, and have absolutely no tarot knowledge, but i'm keen on starting on a tarot illustration project with my small group of friends.

any ideas or suggestions on where i should start? ^_^


Start with a book or site that gives in depth descriptions on what each card means, then take it one card at a time. Start with the majors (there's 22 of them), if the project is too intense, at least you're not needing to finish a whole deck of 78 cards that way.

You can look on this site (I think the descriptions are in the archives) and look through the deck selection also on the main aeclectic tarot board, to see how others have illustrated the cards. A good site is and check your library for tarot books. Each card has a concept & multiple meanings as well as a 'reverse'. But if you take it one card at a time, then it shouldn't be too bad.