New To Tarot


hi all,

I have had an interest in tarot for a longtime but only this Xmas got my first deck (Ancetral path) from my g/f . I was wondering what are some of the basic readings I should do on my myself to learn to understand my deck as well as learn how to use them properly. I look forward to sharing and learning from this group. Also any good website with background information on tarot would be appreciated..

blessed be...


Hi Musicman :)
welcome to aeclectic - hope you?ll enjoy *S*

How to get startet ? wauw, I don?t even know where to start telling you *G* there are LOADS of great stuff around .

Hmm, First of all it is a must for you to read ALL Thirteen?s card by card here on the TarotBasics Board - I have read several posts incl. my own stating Thirteen is doing a better job describing the cards than any book written.

For Links how to get startet I?ll send you to my HP, the adress you?ll find in my signature ... click english flag, in the menubar you?ll find "OtherLinks" and in there are many links on how to get startet.

Now with these 2 I *know* i have set your journey up for start *SSS*

enjoy and keep posting



Welcome to the forum! This is a great place to learn about Tarot (and several other subjects besides). The longer I hang around the more I learn.

I would suggest that you simply spend time reading with your new cards. Don't worry about predicting the future or delving into heavy questions, just get familliar with them and their symbolism.

There are also a lot of wonderful books on Tarot. It's a subject that you'll be learning for the rest of your life.


Welcome, Musicman!
Congratulations on your new journey. I've been reading for almost 16 yrs, and the one book that helped me the most as a beginner, and still gives me incredible insights all these years later, is Mary K. Greer's "Tarot for Yourself." I urge all my students to buy this book and work through it, and I would urge you to do the same.
Good luck and keep us "posted!"