New to the Faerie Oracle, with a few questions


I bought this deck last week as a gift to myself with my bonus money. I have been looking at this deck for a while, I kept getting drawn back to it. Finally I said enough and bought it. I have spent the last week reading the book, and doing some of the exercises in it. (No I haven't tried dancing, but I did notice that I have had a tendance to sing no particular tune or melody BEFORE I got the deck for no reason all of the time both at home and at I have been practicing for them for a while now.)

I did my first reading for myself this afternoon. Trying to introduce myself and for them to introduce themselves more privately, but I also wanted to see if they had anything to say about who my Fey Guide is. (For those that are interested I got: Unity, The Piper, and He the Fiery Sword) But while doing this odd reading, I also got a very clear image of a single fey. I set it aside and left to go to work.

I am wondering a few things:

Has anyone has had their fey guide pop up. Defining themselves almost soon as you laid down your first spread with the faeries?

Do you draw on the card or leave it blank?

Do you leave it in the deck because there is nothing on it?

Or do you just make a note of when it comes up?

Also thinking that they decided to play a joke on me this evening...I was changing the empty soda boxes for the fountain machince. (It is about a five gallon bag of straight soda syrupy that hooks into the carbonation tank that makes soda). I get almost done when I pull the top off of the second to last box that I have to put up. The "lock" that keeps the flow regulared pulled out with the lid and covered me in soda syrupy. Besides being a little wet it wasn't anything major, personally thought it was hilarious at the time and still kinda too...but is this my introduction to them? Because if so I need to keep an extra change of clothes at work!


I've got this deck on order and i can't wait, so I will be watching this thread intently. I do believe the faeries can be very naughty, so a change of clothes maybe a good idea.



I've been wondering what to do with that card too.
I just know I won't be satisfied with anything I draw and would end up ruining the card and for I can't figure out how to add anything to the card any other way and still be able to shuffle. (and not make the card feel different from the rest)

I've had my Faeries a few weeks, been trying a few spreads but I don't trust/know them enough to get into the reading group just yet :D



I was using that poor little blank card as a bookmark for the book, but it fell out unbeknown to me and I ran over it with my office chair roller. I hope there was no invisible fairy trying to take shape on it :)

I'm still debating whether to read the individual card chapters or not. I have enjoyed using it intuitively in the Froud Fairy reading circles.


i've had it for a year now, and have kept the blank card in the pack. oddly enough, it has never come up! i know it will when the time is right though :)