new to this/advice? /hoping this is finally my connection deck/HELP


just got the faery oracle deck after getting the faery ring a mere few days prior. have dabbled in tarot on and off for years. never tried an oracle before but really felt an inexplicable connection with the faery ring (of all things) in the store. After opening it, felt it was merely nothing but beautiful computer hodgepodge artwork. after reading all u guys threads on the magic contained in the faery oracle i went out and immediately bought it (yes i am an impulse deck buyer:). wasnt able to use it yet but opened it last night to at least check out (only!) the first section of the book, and (this has never happened b4) A FEW OF THE CARDS UNDER THE BOOK WERE LITERALLLY OUT OF THE BAND THEY COME IN as if tey were trying to junp out of the box. at the same time i couldnt help but be taken aback by all the fae faces on the backs of the cards and all the (no im not crazy) little giggling impish voices i thought i heard/felt while looking at the backs of the cards. havent looked at them yet, im so scared ima b dissapointed. neway i digressed. just wondered if those of u who say u talk with the faeries do this like in your head, or while scrying the cards, or meditating, or what? are they literal voices, or just in your head or what? i bought this deck to basicallly have some extraordinary experiences like some of u have had and wondered how to do that exactly? i need to give them offerings or what? how do i commence communication with them exactly? how do they "tell" you if they like their box/bag/home or whatnot? i plan on sleeping with them under my pillow before i use them to let them soak up some of my personal energy. how do i basically make the faeries & not just the cards like/communicate with me? do i have to do some complicated rituals, study fairy background information, leave earthen offerings, find a toadstool or fairy stone outside and pour creme over it or what? are they in my house now? if not how can i attract/please them? i dont even know why i have such a sudden interest in these guys alll of a sudden. if ne1 told me two weeks ago id be the owner of two faery oracle decks and hearing giggles when i open the box and posting a thread in a faery oracle study group id have said they were crazy and a liar. neway. HELP please. btw, is ne1 in this group a guy? am i the only dude in the world who is interested in the fae? *not trying to offend ne1 AT ALL, just asking for my own peace of mind:p*


hi, rfaat.

I also have this deck and I've not ever been one to be interested in Faeries before. In the beginning of the book there are several exercises which may assist you with some of your queries regarding connecting with the Faeries themselves rather than just the cards. Because I use this as an intuitive only deck atm, I've not read many posts about the deck and I've not read the card meanings. I don't want any preconceived ideas about what the deck is "supposed to be" I do, however, recommend that you do the excercises in the front of the book.

Good luck, and let us know how you fare.



Greetings and welcome to the study group Raaft!

I have been using both of the decks for several years and the are VERY VERY different styles of decks and work differently.

To connect with the Faeries Oracle I recommend that you do all of the exercises at the beggining of the book. Do not look up any card meanings at all. This deck is suprisingly intuitive and as you get to know the cards you will learn that they are not scary. You do not need any faerie lore experience, no need for rituals, or other things just PLAY with the deck. That is what the exercises in the book have you do. Some ways in which they communicate with you is through "voices in your head" or as you described that sense of laughter you have already sensed. Also things sometimes just disappear for a while and then show back up. As for when they pick their bag (home) I am not sure how to explain it but you will know. The more you play with them you will begin to understand. Sounds to me like they are already communicating with you in their subtle way. Just enjoy them and do not try too hard. Also note that in the world of the fey there are not necessarily good or bad Fey, they are what they are plain and simple. Do not expect them to conform to human societal standards of good and bad. There is light and dark sides to everything, and they are no exception. Once you understand that you will realize they are not scary.

As for the Fairy Ring. This deck is not intuitive at all, but can be very powerful. It is a deck that requires a journal and you will need to use the book in order to do the readings. Faunabay, Geministar and I are three people that use the deck and love it for what it is. We all use one Faeries Oracle card as a guide to the reading. It is a long and convoluted process but we would certainly teach you how we use it if you would like. With this deck if you took away my book you might as well take my cards as well. Unlike the Faeries Oracle, the Fairy Ring really is just cards. I have had no faerie experiences related to the Fairy Ring, but it was the Faeries Oracle faeries who insisted I buy it for THEM! (I could hear this voice "we want that get it for us!) and they guided me on how to use it from day one. I know it sounds insane, it really does but it is how it happened with me.

With the Fairy Ring you learn by doing readings, and using the book to help interpret them, reversals are key in using this deck. You use what is in the book and put it into context with your question, do a detailed card per card interpretation then look at the spread and summarize the reading. If you are willing to put in a lot of work you can get a lot from the Fairy Ring readings. With the Faeries Oracle you learn by playing and using your intuition. Some of the readings you get from this deck are down right profound. Totally different styles like I said earlier. I also always pick a card for the day (a faerie companion) each day. I have been doing this for over 3 years. It is a great way to learn their energy.

I recommend you work with the Faeries Oracle for a while. Get a journal and do the exercises, that is where the connection really comes to light and the magic opens up (and you will gain confidence in your intuition). Do not try too hard, just enjoy yourself. We are all here to answer questions for you, and learn from you as well.

As for you beeing the only guy in the study group ... well perhaps at the moment but, we have had at least one other guy in this study group before. Don't let that concern you.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your future posts.