Newbie here...


I bought the Faeries' Oracle cards about a month ago. I had it gift-wrapped and pasted a neat, friendly greeting card on it as well. It was intended for someone I just met but was already fond of.

Well, this person, we had a fight, and now all communications are off. I realized the Faeries' Oracle wasn't really his type of deck (he's an experienced tarot reader, and he may be more attuned to the RWS system), so I unwrapped the gift and claimed the cards for myself.

When I first looked at the cards, I was dumbfounded. They were so different from the Rider-Waite cards I'd grown so used to over just a span of 3 months (I'm a newbie tarot reader too).

So now, I dunno what to do. I dunno how to deal with these Faeries' Oracle cards, as I'm still learning how to approach decks like the Hidden Folk and The Celtic Dragon. To be honest, I'm a bit nervous. I don't think I'm confident enough to handle the Faeries. They're intimidating.

Anyway,I already began acquainting myself with each of the Faerie cards, and I was strangely and helplessly drawn to the Solus one. I found myself staring into those blue eyes, and it was like he could just grab me! I think I fell in love with him. How can I make him love me, or talk to me, or ANYTHING? Hehehe.

The most disturbing card to me is the Dark Lady. The first time I looked at her...EEK! She's scary! question is, did the Faeries have anything to do with the way things turned out?


Welcome to the Faery Realm! :)
Solus... oh, Solus, my dear. A lonely spirit unravelling the worlds. I love him simply.
And the Dark Lady... I cannot blame the way she looks at many of us - she's seen things none of us or even her 'colleagues' have ever seen. She's young. Well... younger than Solus, I mean. ;) Several tarot decks she appears in, but here she is the Faery. She might speak, or is there so much in her look without words?

To be honest, RWS deck is much more intimidating for me than the FO. Faeries here are good advisors. All I do is listen, and they tell me what spread should be used. I know things might be different for you, but the FO is the easiest deck for me. I didn't even have to memorize meanings, because they differ from case to case. A great deck (for me)!

I'd say - relax and let the faery energy flow through you, or meditate on Ekstasis card. I did - that was an unforgettable experience. :)

Good faery luck to you!


"To be honest, I'm a bit nervous. I don't think I'm confident enough to handle the Faeries. They're intimidating."

Nope, they're not intimidating. You're intimidated, that's all. :D

Well okay, everything new is a *bit* intimidating, right? Fair enough. Never mind, though. The faery cards are ultimate cool. Not the impersonality of the I Ching or the runes, not the drastic hierarchy of Tarot. Nope, something different here. When you get to know the faeries, you've got friends on the other side. That's a very good thing to have. For one thing, you can listen and learn. For another thing, you can talk to them. And if you really get your nerve up, you can dialogue with them. But mostly, it's having friends on the other side. Get in and use the opportunity.

Aura Wolf

Whenever something odd happens, it's the Faeries. You were probably meant to have them, they chose you.

I would recommend reading the book (it did come as a set didn't it?). The book is lovely and very helpful. I was dumbfounded at first too, but my faeries are very playful now :) You'll get the hang of them.


I agree with Dead Star, reading the book and doing the exercises is a really good way to connect with the faeries.

Another one is to try to make/find a home for them. Be it a bag or a box or whatever, just listen and see what they tell you that they want. This can be a very interesting project. If you want to go digging through past posts you'll see what I mean.

Enjoy and welcome! :D We look forward to hearing your stories and your insights.

P.S. I'm a 'newbie' too!


Dead Star said:
Whenever something odd happens, it's the Faeries. You were probably meant to have them, they chose you.

Yeah, I kinda thought so. I was supposed to give them before my friend and I had a fight, but just before I had to give it, I suddenly got SO nervous about it, because I kept thinking "What if he thinks it's an 'I like you very much' gift, not a friendly gift?" So I backed out at the last minute and made up an excuse. Weird. Hehehe.

Btw, what else is known about Solus other than what's in the book? Thanks, hehe. I really like him. But I'm afraid at the moment I don't have the time or the space (have to share the room with a roommate. But not for long, thank God) to get to know him myself.

Thanks for the welcome.



First, WELCOME to Aeclectic!

Second, you were chosen by Solus, or you chose Solus, in order to help you bolster your confidence in using the Faeries Oracle. Just think of them, for starters, as willing helpers in this learning process. Simply listen. Not just to what you might "hear" mentally, but to how you feel, what you see, what you want to say. Just take some time to be comfortable with them. The messages will begin to come through.

Dead Star is absolutely right about doing the exercises in the book. Of all the books that have come with any deck I've used, this one stands out for me as most excellent, and in a sense magical. Or at least inspired. It will help you a great deal.

You may find that you'll have better results once you're not sharing your room. I find that privacy helps me a lot with Faeries readings.

Have fun with them. (This was supposed to be your deck, that's why it worked out that you didn't give it before the fight. ;) Enjoy.)


Wisp Wings

I too believe they were for you and even tend to believe while you were thinking that the gift wrapping and all that you were doing for him,.......they were doing for you. Consider yourself "gift" by them. Believe me its a fae thing, their logic isn't as our's is. You may be thinking, "but I am the one that bought it and had it wrapped", etc. while they are laughing and saying "Silly how else can we legally get it out of the store and so on if not for that exchange of 'what is it?... Oh right, money!' And our presence we've made present to you. hehehe." They love laughter and play on words and being topsy turvets.

You really can not compare this deck to tarot. It is like apples and oranges, can not be compared. Honestly I have only heard I think only one person that said they could read or relate to them and I don't think they gave them the chance. Tarot, while I love it, isn't as free as these are. Tarot is much more structured. The Faery are free. They really speak to the child in all of us, begs us to let go of the practical and mudane existence and to soar with them in all ways. Free up your imagination, let loose and dance! There is dance with them later in the book too. If you can't do this now with the roomy there, then dance in your mind with them. They are game for it. They deeply love games and almost everything to them is a game in greater and lesser degrees.

I can't remember without searching it out, but one of the members wrote about using a small picture frame and drawing one card at a time, (daily or if needed then longer) and placing the card in the frame to be viewed often and let it speak to her. This is a great way to highlight/spotlight one of them and to learn the deck.

Welcome to the wonderland of the faery!


You know, I noticed something since I opened the deck yesterday: It's that I've been happy for no apparent reason! I don't remember being THIS jolly for weeks, maybe even months! I've been dancing when no one's watching, when before I couldn't find the reason to dance. I've stopped self-pitying. Whenever I start getting into that "You're a loser; therefore you should be miserable" mood, the only thing I could think of is: "So what? At least I'm a HAPPY loser!" LOL!

If THIS is the work of the Faeries, then I'm so glad I got them! I hope to get to know them more! Yes, Wisp Wings, I'm beginning to see what you mean now! LOL! More dancing! More happiness! And I don't find them as intimidating anymore!

diane drizzy

Hi Kittaine!

Welcome to the board. It was meant to be! They really wanted to stay with you. Don't be at all intimidated, especially now knowing they chose you. As others have said I can't recommened the book highly enough. I also just take the cards out and "visit " with them from time to time. I love looking at them, they make me smile! Each card has their own personality and story to tell. You'll even see beauty in The Dark Lady. And yes, they really do change your life, like your own set of cheerleaders!