nexy's tarot


NexyJo: Awesome imagery employed in your cards & the card names very complimentary & effective. The former contain references to nature, to Pagan or Wiccan associations as well as to the world of man.

In Begin/0-The Fool, the colours red-orange-yellow suggestive of the life force or energy; also of one facing or greeting life.

In Create/1-The Magician, the control & application of that energy.

Wisdom/2-The High Priestess suggestive of the natural & instinctive knowledge.

The imagery in Fertility/3-The Empress evocative of the goddess symbols from antiquity & of Spring/Ostara.

In Power/4-The Emperor, the harnessing of energy in man's world & all it implies.

The image in Structure/5-The Hierophant suggestive of a life pattern; the DNA which forms the basis of life.

Skipping to Rebirth/20-Judgement, I remember it from the First Aeclectic Collaborative Tarot.

I particularly like the use of spare, even stark images to succinctly convey each card's particular energy.

Ye have the makings of an especially powerful deck & I hope to see more cards. Btw: welcome back! Hope to see more of ye, too as ye have been missed.

Phoenix Spirit


their wicked!

i love the colour used and your theams for the cards, they really relate!


a real good start...


You've got a very well thought out set going on here. The name changes work well.

I like the silhouettes-- removes the Majors from definite personas. I would consider using them on your Lovers and Hermit. Perhaps red and white Lovers for the alchemical lion and eagle...

If the Majors were all Shadow figures and the Minors people, I think this would make for a greater distinction between them.

I don't know if this is what you're going for... Just a thought.

fly well


thank you all for your comments. i value them highly, and they provide a great source of inspiration. using silhouettes for all the figures may just work - i'll have to give that further thought.

i've added a few more cards today - i got up early and went right to work. i get focused on projects and have trouble breaking away - i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

regarding the name changes, i could never understand why a card was named one thing, yet meant quite another - a perfect example would be death, which provokes fear in so many querents, yet is often representative of a positive change. i used the cocoon/butterfly for this card and call it "transformation", which i think works so much better in defining the spirit of this card.

in that vein, i'm thinking of call the deck something like "the tarot unlocked" ("the unlocked tarot"?), or perhaps "the tarot key".

thanks again for all your feedback.


i changed meditation to a silhouette - i like it *much* better. thanks for the suggestion ravenwing :)


I'm enjoying seeing this process unfold.
I notice all your card titles are nouns, except for 'Begin', which is a verb. Is this on purpose?


Good, clean, spare images, which I like! :)



rota said:
I'm enjoying seeing this process unfold.
I notice all your card titles are nouns, except for 'Begin', which is a verb. Is this on purpose?
i had originally thought that they'd all be verbs, but that didn't want to happen - the deck took on a life of its own it seems, like many of my projects, and it wanted nouns after the first card. go figure...

and thanks for the input bob, i like clean and spare images as well :)

Aura Wolf

Although the style of artwork isn't really to my taste, I like your cards! I think the imagery and titles are effective and bring a fresh new perspective on how we see the tarot. Very interesting work!