No Reversed Meanings With Crowley Thoth Deck??


I was just at, reading up on the thoth deck and noticed a paragraph which said that the system of reversed meanings is not used with the Crowley Thoth deck because the Thoth deck relies on surrounding cards to add to the meaning of any one card... ?????

So.. what's up with that?? When a card comes up reversed do you ignore it?



Dee 04

I usually use the surrounding cards to help give meaning or explain each other. I think that depending on the question it is important to look at the surrounding cards whether or not they are reversed. I have the ALeister Crowley Thoth deck and although I have not read with it yet, I beleive that all decks can be read reversed or upright. I do NOT use reversals at all. It is such a personal choice. In the New Age Tarot by Dr. Wanless (Hey Tauni :) ) I read that the cards do not necessarily have to be come out reversed in order for the reader to interpret them that way. I d/k if I made myself clear. Anyway htis book explains the symbols in the Thoth and I find it to be a great resource.

Ok that's all for now.

Demon Goddess

I've been using my much beloved Crowley for about ten years now, and until I actually ignored Crowley and really used the reversed meanings, my feelings weren't quite as focused as they are now. So as an avid Crowley Thoth Deck user, I'd say absolutely there are reversed meanings with the deck!

I think it's more a case of having to remember what all the different permutations of each card means in what place, in reference to which cards, having reversed meanings just makes it more difficult for beginners.

I think the reversals are something that come with time, but before them, my readings were good, now, they're more focused. I think it's a personal thing and the card itself is going to give you its meaning, whether reversed or not. Before I used the reversed meanings, I made sure my cards were always face up... Then they were never reversed.


i don't ever read reversed and i do a very well rounded reading........but i had a crowley deck and i didn't know that it needed to be read upright.

have you seen the motherpeace deck? (i love this deck) it can be read in all four directions differently, the cards are round! i read this one all upright too (by the way)


Demon Goddess

That sounds like an interesting deck Jade. I've never heard of a round card.


i like the way the round cards feel in my hands........and the readings are well rounded LOL i couldn't resist that one LOL :D :D :D :D

jade :)


actually, with round decks, you can get 360 degrees of meanings...

i don't use reversals either. actually, i just shuffle the cards, and they all started out upright, and have stayed that way. i suppose it's personal preference whether or not to use reversals - i never particularly felt them necessary.

while the robin wood deck lists reversals, she herself doesn't use them and only listed them because llewyllen (sp) made her do it. and that's good enough for me.

luv and light,



You can use reversals with the Thoth deck if you want to.

Crowley and the Golden Dawn did not use them. They used a system of elemental dignities. This refers to the how the elements can compliment or detract from each other.

For a better explaination try this site

I really like using this system. It gives each card a wider range of meanings. For some reason looking at an upside down card always bugged me anyway. :)

Hope this helps.



I simply just keep all of the cards going one direction, thus, no reversals.
I think that the Crowley/Harris deck is good without the reversals for some reason. Perhaps it has to do with the energies the cards emit to me, and reversing them screws it all up for me. I think that when all upright the flow seems to work better for me.