Not Connecting with the Deck


Sadly, I just don't seem to be connecting with this deck. I love the art work. I've made a beautiful bag for it with my own two hands (using cross stitch). I've done several of the exercises, but I've totally stalled. No singing and dancing with the faeries. I don't sing or dance. How boring am I? :) I'm not sure if this is why I'm not feeling the connection or what.

When my boyfriend forgot to get me a gift on Valentine's Day, I suggested a new tarot deck. He refused, saying I have too many. (Silly man!) But last night he did agree to buy me both Good Faeries/Bad Faeries and the 25th Anniversary edition of Faeries. (Both were 30%, there was free shipping, and we had a $10 off cupon, so the two books were less then the deck itself.) I'm hoping that these two books might give me the little bit of insight I need to connect with this wonderful deck.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions for me?


I wonder if you have tried to draw a daily card,and then write down what happened that day.Also try the grounding and centering exercises.Don´t sing or dance until you feel like it(if you do).It took a long while until I tried doing that.Some sleep with one card under the pillow each night.

Don´t give up on the faeries.They have helped me so very much.
In the "Good Faeries/Bad Faeries" book there is a very good pathworking exercise with Losgunna.Try it!

Reading more about faeries might prove helpful.I recommend "Good Faeries/Bad Faeries" and "Faeries" by Brian Froud.Threre is also a new deck out now"The Fairy Ring"with a lot of useful information about both good and very bad faeries,and pathworking exercises with the good ones,but I prefer "The Faeries´Oracle" for my readings(those faeries have all agreed to help).However,"The Fairy Ring" gives you a lot of understanding about the faery realm.I also suspect I will do more readings with "The Fairy Ring" later on.
Jessica Macbeth has a Yahoo group for "The Faeries´Oracle".After all,she is the author of the book,so she has very good contact with the faeries in it(and she and the faeries made the choice which faeries should be included in the deck).Do join!


Hi Silverlotus! The books you are getting are wonderful! One of the things I would recommend when working with the Faeries is to actually "play" with the deck vs. "working" with it. I think Genna had some great suggestions. The exercises in the oracle deck book really helped me connect, having to look at the cards in detail and discern what they mean to me. At first it was a little hard but got easier and easier. One of my favorite exercises was trying to group the faeries, then you get to look at all the cards and mix and match them ... maybe this would be a fun one for you to try.

There is a thread on Faerie books in this forum that you might want to check out as well. If there is anything we can do to help, support, or motivate you please let us know.


Silverlotus, have you done any of the grouping exercises like Jewel just mentioned? I found that helpful, just to paw through the cards, mix them up, look at them or pass one by.

And i agree that a daily Faery card can help too. It takes little effort, but may begin to tickle at your subconscious throughout your day and gradually bring them into your life.

Being attuned to Faeries often means having the ability to let go, not take yourself so seriously, just relax and mellow with them ... if you know you don't feel like giggly-Faery dancing around. Who says you have to be one way or another with Them>? They know you, and often want you to begin to know them.

And, if you feel you need to, consider putting the deck aside for a while if you really feel turned off by it. Read the books, I love Good Faeries/Bad Faeries myself. Read posts if you feel like it, but hold the Faery "responsibility" loosely. It shouldn't feel like work.

Best wishes and keep posting if you would like more feedback from us!


I did the sorting exercise when I first got the deck, and I did really enjoy it. It's something I've been meaning to try with my tarot decks to see how it works with them.

I did a daily draw for a little while, but I stopped because I got nothing from it. And I honestly haven't touched the cards much since just after the start of the year.

I think perhaps I will read through this section of the forum again, my books when the arrive (hopefully Wednesday!), and all the messages from the mailing list, and then see how I feel about the deck. Maybe focusing on Tarot is best for now, and I'll move to the Faeries when the time seems right. I'm not ready to totally give up on them. :) And thank you for the advice and encouragement.

I am going to be attending some meditation classes over through March and April, so maybe that will help me loosen up enough to play with the Faeries. ;)


Just take your time and do what comes natural. Don't burn yourself out trying. When the time is right the faeries will let you know. They have an odd (and often not very subtle) way of doing that.