November romance


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Question asked what will happen regarding my love life in November (the rest of it)


Pop out burgandy - awaken your passion
Pearl- connect to the divine
Black- find richiness from the dark night
Silver be persistent
Scarlet - Attract success

(Will include meanings from the book)

Five of pentalces even d things don't pan out like you thought they would, instead of morning your losses, let go and move on.

King of pentalces trust your instincts to do the right thing regardless of potential set backs. Be loyal and dependable and remain steadfast in the face of adversity.

Ten of cups; joy and happiness rain down on the scene. The love of family and friends envelops your being as you celebrate the joys of life and honour those who have been part of your journey.

The sun: abundance and joy are all encompassing hard work and kind acts are rewarded. It's important to remember that small joys can culminate happiness.

King of cups (is odd as I don't have a fatherly figure) a fatherly figure provides some insight into feelings you may be harbouring. Prehaps a sign of a guilty conscious he reminds you to have compassion

My take

Burgundy and five of pentalces; continue on my journey of letting go off old relearionships, but also reminding myself to allow passion into my life and let new ones in. Write list of which qualities I'd like in a man or a relationship (so the universe and my self will know where to go next) Pearl and king of pentalces; connect to the divine to find out where you need to go next ask your guides "what path do I need to be on now rather then what can you tell me." Breathe and follow your instincts you'll find someone and you'll know someone is out their for you. Ten of cups and black; remember what you already have, allow the light to come in black dissolves all negative energy enjoy the good times ahead and keep allowing new opeprunties in.The sun and silver: continue to heal yourself and let yourself shine brightly blind others with your rays so they know you're their and ready, continue searching and not giving up! Scarlet and king of cups; being able to attract romance but remembering to have compassion and remain humble.

Continue leaving old relationships behind because when one door closes another opens,remember what quilities are important to you so that you can attract them and not settle for second best. Trust your gut when you meet him you'll know it's him allow yourself to be open, keep allowing the negativity to dissolve and enjoy what you have. Show people who you are and remain humble when you get the man you desire.

Any other opinions?


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